Infield Video Analysis of girl with Boyfriend (Quick Kiss on Lips)

I’ve decided to begin infield video recording for the new product I am working on that will come with the Domino Effect book. In the beginning of this video, the girl will seem generally disinterested and mentions her boyfriend. This is the type of things you will read in my lay reports. This is a simple break down. My style of pick ups will VARY greatly but yields the same results in the end. So this is NOT the only thing that my teaching is about. You will notice the difference between this pick up and the older video I had which is HERE. Both of the interactions ended in the same result even though they were different styles. Here is a video of my currently RUSTY game. 

28 responses to “Infield Video Analysis of girl with Boyfriend (Quick Kiss on Lips)”

  1. Hey Justin your a MADE MAN you need stop trying to OVERPROVE that your shit works. Stop listen to dudes that are hating and just do your shit. People know your legit look at all the proof you got,,, and all the shit you don’t got looks race etc. SHAKINESS, RUSTY GAME its all good baby you get the result and that what count. Keep setting the standard

  2. Hey Justin did you F close this girl and is she latino cause she has a beautiful accent. And bro we need the book asap

    • yea she is latina ( i love latina women btw). I MAY post the lay report video if it is not used in the final pick for the product. UNtil then I will just have this little video.

  3. This video is fantastic. I always wondered how you battled through with girls that give you boyfriend objections. From the pics she is a hot latina college girl in her prime and is LOCAL. You are the only PUA i know that can consistently do this on local hot women. Every else seems to do mostly tourists.

  4. Sir Justin I applaud ur game, u seem to use JUSTIFICATION to perfection and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY to move things forward passively. U are true to ur motto of “a man seeking the truth…” because u are not thrown off by the little vain things women try and do rather u want the truth; in this instance the subtle signs of interest the girl showed were the truth, hence u hugged her 4 saying she has a b/friend and eskimo kissed her 4 making the statement then taking her for coffee WOW. If we could all understand how to make it easy for a woman to bridge social conditioning without actually being direct or mentioning it we might be somewhat like U. ROMANTICISM is a great art worthy all admiration

  5. Smooth. I’m done with pickup products and haven’t studied any in a while, but watching your videos, analysis and logic, definitely has me looking forward to the book and products.

  6. Props on the infield footage man.

    What happened between 12:00 and 12:10? How’d you escalate from the “I have a boyfriend” objection to a kiss on the lips? Looks like you cut out THE KEY part of the interaction man around 12:05 man… show us how it’s done.

  7. i learnt from this that in pick-up you have to be forward. You cant shy away from pushing the interaction regardless of the obstacles they put up.

  8. Jelly as fuark brah! How do you do with the 9’s and 10’s? Also how long were you doing street approach until you were seeing success.

  9. Hey Justin,

    I liked how you overcame the boyfriend objection with a hug and then after that ploughed on to other topics like she’d never mentioned it.

    For me, that wasn’t the most important aspect of this video though. One thing that we never talked about when we spoke was qualifying during the pick-up.
    I noticed that you complimented her and she must have given you an unsure look when you said it (I don’t know this, I’m just guessing). Then you asked her of that is what she’s like. She gave you a nothing answer and didn’t commit to it. Then you asked her to qualify herself by asking her what’s the best quality she has or whatever. She again gave you an essentially no-committal answer. After that, and I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but you started talking about you “friend” Lisa and how she’s a model and she so cool and artsey an d you guys would get along great. It’s after that that she start qualifyig herself HARD, to the point of self deprecation. It een sounds like she’s saying things to directly compete with Lisa and you, to your credit, keep encouraging her to do that and even nudge further thst way by saying she’s like a guy, which, her having interests the same as a guy was the point she was trying to make.
    She says, ‘I play video games’ an ‘I play with me best friend, he’s a guy’ etc.

    So, you have 3 levels of getting girls to qualify themselves to you. Bringing in your friend Lisa was a gift, because I think that really cinched the whole pickup for you at that point and you knew this and escalated straight after this. You eskimo kissed then escalated cheek to cheek mutual kis then lip kiss then moving her to the next location, very good timing.

    You need to talk more about qualifying and waypoints for escalation, because that was a well executed escalation at the end right after she qualified herself hard, you threw everything at her as far as escalation goes.



      It was great doing that skype session with you. I KNOW you will get better man. A lot of these things I do has been internalized naturally since I have been doing this for a long time. However, She invested in my frame while I was slowly moving forward. This game is all about GAME changers. People think that game is always smooth, its NOT. Because Girls are never smooth man.

      PS. Hit me on on skype for free man. I wanna know how you doing bro!

  10. That was tight yo. I mean not just the in-depth breakdown, but your video production is getting really good. I like how you faded out the music or lowered it so you can hear the dialogue.

    Sounded real tight when you were kickin’ knowledge against the beats in the background.

    What software do you use for video and podcasting?

    Keep it up man.

  11. I still don’t understand why you mention your friend Lisa makes her turn the other way around and qualify herself to you.

    • this is actually intended for all forms. Because even advanced guys do not know what to do on the street when a girl gives them boyfriend objections. When I say “know what to do” i mean being able to still get romantic (sex) with her in the end. For beginners or intermediate I wouldn’t really teach them this stuff because they need to focus on getting the available girls first from meet to sex. AND THEN when you can do that, the other challenges will come easier.

  12. Hey Justin i was reading some guys analysis of you on this other blog during his meet with you he said your really alpha. But during your pickup you seem very different more friendly and upbeat is this how you cater your pick up

    • Alpha means to lead… SO when talking to women, I lead. It does not mean to act like a bad ass. Keep in mind I am naturally not a push over. I am about 6 ft and im built. So me approaching random white women and acting hardcore will simply scare them away and make them feel uncomfortable. Its needed more for other guys from different backgrounds who are naturally perceived as soft. Like a shorter guy i would advice to act a little more arrogant etc.

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