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  1. shiva ⋅

    hey Justin,

    Thank you very much for your videos. In the maybe girls post you mentioned that if you get phone number of 10 maybe girls none of them would work out.

    Thats exactly where I am getting stuck, I still have one girls number out of the 6 that I approached direct the last weekend. I have done it for so long that it doesnt feel good anymore to know that they would usually say I am really busy all the time or some lame excuse.

    I am not from western country i cannot make it to new york with the money i have to learn from you. I really wish you could explain the domino effect in a book for people like me. If you could atleast give me a hint, it would be great.

    Love your video and your quote “truth liberates”


    • Thanks Shiva.

      In terms of the book, I’m working on a book that clearly explains it. The basic point of The Domino Effect is to get efficient at creating a romantic connection with the girl before getting her number. The old school way of teaching day game is either play a huge unfair numbers game or having basic social conversation that generally goes nowhere romantic. Both methods can be exhausting since they do not address the core of what your trying to achieve to make things solid.

  2. shiva ⋅

    I agree a 100%, as I once got 15 numbers in like a 5 hour period and had not closed with even one of them and you know it felt like we were back to the basics when I called each of these girls. I was exhausted it made me kind of fall back to even call the girl the next time. Waiting for your book.

    I was watching the video, you say that one needs to know where exactly one stands to move to the next level. I guessed that would be if she hugs you, holds your hands or the third stop- kissing you. Am I getting it right? I am going to start this the next time I go out. will keep you posted.

    cheers Shiva

  3. Justin I’d like to get an interview from you for my blog the Please shoot me an you me an email, The name is Joe. If you need to call my number is 407-334-5264

  4. Lee ⋅

    Justin, I am enjoying your site. one of few PUA sites that seems to be about having fun. but I must ask. i have read so many daygame ebooks that say expect to get a tiny percentage of the women you talk to. one book said for older men talking to younger women,forget about it. any clues on this? thank you.

    • for older men it it can work depending on many variables like :

      – What type of women he is going for (age range, type of girl, how much attention she gets etc)
      – It depends on how the older man carries himself ( is he over/under weight, is he balding,etc)
      – what environments in the day is he gaming,, ( if it is on the street it will be more difficult to get younger women since there is less time to gradually build attraction etc)

      All in all, the act of practicing stranger approach is great for your social fitness and you can then take that into easier ways of meeting women like social circles and friends etc.

  5. hey man i just listened to your latest podcast about the CD its good. I was putting myself in your position and i could see how i would have fucked it up. 1 i would have run out of conversation quickly and 2 i often procrastinate because of nerves. i also noticed how you said you were nervous in some of the situations but you still carried on anyway so i have a few questions. Right now i have no real plan i.e i can get a number in stranger approach but even if there is attraction i end up not calling because i know im likely to run out of conversation let alone interesting converation at that. in the podcast you said you made use of some opinion openers and some DHV story (which was a good idea because it keeps conversational momentum) that you made up. Would you recommend this for guys starting off that want to get good? i felt that if i had literally a few stories and stuff to say i would improve much fast instead of remaining the same. 2 how do you deal with nerves and push through your comfortzone and still make the pick-up succesful? how important is it to have a converation plan? one thing i noticed is that were alot of guys would have been luck this is not going to work out. you used initiative and pulled shit out that noone would think of i,e the cd thing (saying it was the wrong one) this is social intellifience/risk and important is this? i need to develop it

  6. Jamal ⋅

    Yoo Justin,

    I was looking through your videos and I feel as though your domino effect style of game is very effective in the way it is so natural and fluid. I was wondering if you use any aspects of the mystery method (I don’t know if you’ve herd of it).

    Im 17 years old and just started this pua thing and would like to start running game the domino effect way like you do both in day and night game, so I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to start off or if there is a specific model that you use. Specifically ways on how you stay calm when approaching a set that seems cold at the beginning or general ways to fight of approach anxiety.

    thanks man,


  7. Chris

    Yo man, come back to pua-zone! 😛

  8. Rob Ni ⋅

    what kind of camera do you use to film nightgame footage on the street. the camera is pretty clear? and how do you pull off filming the footage without getting caught. are you covert?

  9. nils ⋅

    hey justin,
    i’m a really big fan from germany and i love what youre doing:)
    but theres one question i ask myself while looking your ‘close’ videos: what kind of music videos do u look when u are in front of your pc ?
    greez from germany

  10. D.Chhetri ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    First off, good work. Hope you find what it is you are looking for in life. Now to the completely random point. Please fix this website. It is not user friendly, and everything is all over the place. No disrespect but I’m coming from purely a consumer/developer point of view. Sure posting girls picture might keep people interested initially, but its the content and how easily I am able to find the content that will get me hooked. Well take care, and good luck with your endeavors.

    P.S: I am a full time software developer, let me know if you want some help with the design.

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