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PodCast Episode 5: “The White Cutie with a “Black Booty”

In this PodCast I am with John Atlas, from the last episode, where I broke down an epic story of how I met one of my past girlfriend from game. It was a struggle from meet to end. However, I used the basic principles of old school game at that time to leverage my situation against all odds. I ended up being in a relationship with her for a year and a half. She even ended up getting a tattoe with my name on it. (I did not tell her to).

Me and My old RoomMate

If there is one thing I do not really talk about is my ability to keep girls around through the extremes of them sharing me with other women and still wanting to stay exclusive for me. This makes it easy for me to be a dating coach and live the way I want to live with about being rich. We speak a bit on this in this PodCast with John Atlas.

A Justin Wayne GirlFriend (Old School)

With hard work and logic understanding, we can achieve many things. I almost feel like retiring, but I want to leave a lasting impact on the dating literature. I know I will because of the results that have been replicated for me and some of my prestigious clients that I would love to brag about, however, I keep their identity unknown due to their wishes since they have professional lives that they would rather keep separate. More on my MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT HERE.

Justin Wayne – Direct Vs Indirect (Day Game Infield Analysis)

I recently was reading the notorious blog of Heartiste and bumped into the same debate that’s been going on for ages… ‘Direct VS Indirect’ Approaching.

Here were some of my intial thoughts…

Plausible Deniability Direct game is where its at. Actually, there is a huge difference between direct opening and direct game.

Most women do not want to look that easy-to-get. So that will make them say NO to a guy that they would probably have sex with if the social situation seemed more “serendipity-like”. I find this especially true for the Anglo – Speaking women who were brought up under this post-feministic culture.

As long as you are consistently moving forward towards a direct place I think it’s fine.

On a side note, If I stop a girl.. i will say something like “Excuse me…” just to measure her initial level of receptiveness. If she is smiling and seems open, direct works well since she is in a good mood.

If she looks at me in a more formal manner, or like she does not really want to talk, I would go indirect.

Ive had many success from meet to sex with women that gave me the “yuck” look on the “Excuse me” but then the indirect way proved best for establishing some basic social comfort so I can finally hit on her.

I ask that everyone test this theory out. Throw a tester to see like “Excuse me..” see how receptive she looks in that moment. and then choose direct or indirect…

I would say 99% of men who open, already have a set opener in mind without even testing the receptive levels of the woman.

Instead, I would say something like “Excuse me….” and instead of sticking to the direct opener..I will gauge her initial vibe interms of the way she looks at me.. Is she open and happy at that time? is she more in a lost and formal tone?

This greatly affects the game afterwards… Even if she sticks around and listen, if you use the wrong path, it takes off more points than you would like.

For instance, if I throw a tester and notices that she does not look open … If i still go direct, she may stay a little just to be polite, but the vibe drops very fast… She will not want to talk much, It may force me to come across very try hard on a sinking ship. Even ,in the best case, if im lucky enough to get a flakey number, chances are very low that she will see me again.

The Justin Wayne Podcast: Episode 4 – “Game Tactics vs Perceived Value”


Welcome to our new podcast. I personally enjoyed this episode because me and the guest speaker, John Atlas, think alike. Here’s his background for those who don’t know. John Atlas is the “methodical scientist” – a Harvard and MIT grad, leader at the top management consultant firm in the world. He has had an extensive background in hypnotherapy field and has dealt with medical patients.

We stumbled upon each other a few years back while I was coaching day game. I saw him randomly approached a 9/10 and saw how he hooked her in. Just so you guys know, John Atlas is not considered good-looking at all. Yet, I could tell he had an uncanny social ability that enabled him to generate attraction despite him being a 4-5 at most. He was fascinated with my abilities at that time as well. I showed him what I do my Domino Effect. He opened up my eyes to other aspects of social dynamics that has helped me to get girls out of my league from the hardest form of approach.

Examples of VALUE to women:

Height, Looks, Money, Stereotype, Archetype, Relative Social Value, Fame, and more…

Examples of TACTICS used on women:

Good energy, social competence, entertainment, flirting, playfulness, charming abilities, timing and more…


–  Who does “pick-up” work for?

– How to do you determine your attractive rating from 1 – 10?

– if you are borderline average (5/10) can game help you get hot women CONSISTENTLY?

– how the old dating community created this this belief of getting 9’s and 10’s into everyone’s mind. This messed up men’s reality where even if he was a ‘4’ he would still criticize a ‘7’ for not being a ’10’.

– The “no defect” guy.. by the 25 minute mark

– The three categories of value. 1) Universal Value 2) Context-Dependent Value 3) Specific Value

The Justin Wayne Podcast: Episode 3 – “No-to-Yes Girl Breakdown”

Hey Guys, this post is long overdue. This was already on the Lay Report page. However, I need to post every single PodCast on this blog so they can all be in the Podcast menu for this blog.

Look out for the next PodCast where I will go in depth about the community from my view and what I feel is the best way to get women. 

and the lay report with the video is the same one thats already been posted but I’ll put it here for new readers. 

And the full lay report is here :  


The ‘Justin Wayne’ Podcast: Episode 2- “Truth on Motivation”

One of the most talked about things in the ‘pick-up’ world is the issue of motivation. Many people complain about not sustaining motivation to handle the ups and downs in learning how to stranger approach. This was just an interview Podcast with me talking about what motivates me. Any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below. ALSO, WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?