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Justin Wayne “Seduction Methods” Workshop and Infield Videos


Firstly, it appears that my blog is getting more popular and I am getting tons of emails asking me to post more regularly. Truth is, I have been focusing on my book and coaching. Also, I was studying for a certification course ‘non-dating’ related. Additionally, I had to manage some new girlfriends that I am presently dealing with. It has been fun.

Justin Wayne Dating

Despite all that, I will try and do a new post every week since I will have more time soon.

I decided to throw you guys a freebie video with solid content regarding seduction from a stranger approaching perspective. I have spent more time talking about how to create a Romantic Connection with women.

This video is dedicated for ALL users. Whether you have a romantic connection or you are just playing the numbers game, this is applicable from a stranger approaching context.

The Justin Wayne Seduction Workshop 2011 video is HERE:


This weekend was fun. Firstly, I had a client named “Pacino” who enrolled in The Justin Wayne Training Program.

Pacino on First Instant Date

He was able to get his first Romantic Instant Date with a stranger. This happened on the second training session as will be revealed in the video. He is originally from Arizona and flew in to New York to get coaching and hired me for the whole weekend which was Fri, Sat, and Sunday. He met 3 of my girls and questioned them about how I met them to learn from the stories.

One of them is Elaine. She is a local girl who was born and grew up in the New York atmosphere. She also has a really huge social circle. When I met her she was the typical MAYBE GIRL, which I think is VERY importnat to note that most girls who talks to you will be MAYBE GIRLS.

Meet Elaine Wayne

She is in the Fashion Industry and has an excellent eye for fashion. Listen guys, FASHION IS KEY in stranger approaching. Your first impression is all you have, so why not optimize EVERY CATEGORY?

Elaine prepares Pacino infield.

Anyways, Elaine also brings a good perspective since she is a young woman in here “PRIME”. She accompanied me infield for the weekend.

SHe also came with me to “The 2012 DATING CONFERENCE”, which was on the Saturday. She helped Pacino with his style and certain aspects of his approach before he went in field.

As a result, Pacino was able to get his first ever romantic instant date. Shout outs to Pacino.

Also, shout outs to Elaine, thanks babes 😉

Romantic Connection…

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58 responses to “Justin Wayne “Seduction Methods” Workshop and Infield Videos

  1. E Honda ⋅

    Thanks for the content man

  2. Vice ⋅

    Elaine… will you marry me???

  3. Snill ⋅

    Justin, how did you get her? It seems like every girl gets hotter and hotter. She is a 10 in my books.

  4. Ron ⋅

    Post full infield videos of yourself sarging!

  5. Michael ⋅

    Thank you Justin.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It was like I was glued to my screen listening to your content in the workshop.

    I’d kill for the Day 1 video where you talk more on the romantic connection. But this is gold. TY!!!!!!!!!

  6. Young PUA ⋅

    is she your main girlfriend u always talk about? And i got question when you overhype the venue wouldnt u loose value if its not that cool or it doesnt matter?

    • no, she is relatively new. I never mentioned her before.

      Good Question.

      If you sound like you are 100% serious, then YES, it can lower you’re value if she is not that into you yet aka ( No Romantic Connection). If she is already very into you it will not matter.

      However, to overhype it properly,. you need to have a bit of a playful energy to it. So when she arrives, it was all out of fun anyways. You can just say “I was joking a bit, I just happened to love this place, I don’t know why exactly… anyways, blah blah blah”

  7. urboii2012 ⋅

    Hey Justin man good video, when you did’nt have the Domino effect did you have check points before you went for the kiss?and is the domino effect only for stranger approach or can you use it in any situation ( interacting with a female) ? ….

  8. Young PUA ⋅

    End game seduction, alot of pua teach that (even to intermediate clients) n the reason is that goes well with their method mainly structured on pure numbers game but whole game seduction (although not ideal for newbies) is n effective route n im glad you touched upon that because it really “primes” n “moistures” the girl b4 hand n by the time she on your bed she pretty much horny n ready

  9. Michael ⋅

    I think as I understand it, game is really numbers game vs your game. I mean there’s logistical elements Justin has already mentioned where creating the Romantic Connection just isn’t possible and there are obviously logistics in where a girl will immediately reject someone, anyone, indirect or direct opener.

    As for end-game seduction, obviously if the girl is going somewhere…that’s sadly all you have left to play with. This, combined with other time constraints of the actual date (such as not spending too much money…..getting her to a nice seduction spot etc) can strain logistics. I find seduction itself easy if the girl agrees to go on a date, but obviously Romantic Connection can be seen as something that tactically can ELIMINATE flakes. Of course, if you couldn’t do whole-game, then it can be done DAY 2 or even rarer (DAY 3). I’m guessing this romantic connection can also be done through text – although I never saw Justin mention anything like “Text romantic connection” but this is what I’ve been doing ever since I learned about Justin Wayne’s romanticism pick-up style.

    I’m surprised that without a clear structure, how I can romanticize my pickups…but obviously like anything: nothing is 100% due to logistics. Stranger approaching is fucking tough…thats for sure…but I find social circle game to be such a constricting set of choice. I agree that comfort can be built for example with a girl from one of your schooling classes etc, but running ‘game’ on her can be difficult in class….so it’s really tough to highlight “Social circles”

    I myself came from frat houses and got laid from sorority girls with little to no effort on my part…but I always felt like I was living a lie. I refuse to be in social circles or settle for social circle girls (which is not to mention not all of the girls in them are necessarily hot).

    • “I’m guessing this romantic connection can also be done through text – although I never saw Justin mention anything like “Text romantic connection””

      Firstly, great review of your understanding.

      When the women meet you again without the prior Romantic Connection, it is done out of luck. She can meet you because she is bored, or she decided out of randomness. However, this random luck factor is known as the numbers game. Sadly, In stranger approaching, luck will not come often.

      Romantic Connections generally do not happen via phone from a stranger approach scenario. You may think so, but in most cases the girl was into you before the phone so you assumed that it was your phone game when in reality it wasn’t. I will not totally discredit phone game, however, if you look at the raw stats, you will notice that even with the best phone game, if a girl is a maybe girl, she will still flake like 80% of the times; even more when running standard game.

  10. Rob ⋅

    justin ….now that typa chick is the one i wanna see more off

    • Yea. I like exotic looking women. I used to cater to my audience since most requested that traditional white women. However, I prefer in between with slightly darker features.

  11. Young PUA ⋅

    Man Justin i have realized your taste has change in older reports you had average to descent women now its like you just went hollywood. You said she was a maybe girl (meaning no romantic connection) so how did you win her over and when you say indirect do you mean the plausible deniability direct game (you got a sexy but artsy vibe etc followed by basic social comfort than progressive flirtation or straight up indirect (who lies more etc)

    • When I said she was a Maybe girl, it meant during the initial pick up. She then turned into a YES girl before parting ways AKA Romantic Connection.

      In terms of my quality of girls improving based on the lay reports. I have been getting these types of girls for the past 3 years. The lay reports was something I did once on a while. I would say I did a lay report like once every 7 to 10 lays. It’s hard getting proof all the time during the initial pick up.

  12. Nana ⋅

    Justin you said you experence depression in you earlier days of game because you overgamed cudnt you have stop or was it an addiction

    • It was both times.

      The first time I experienced depression…

      I was overgaming. Since I am an introvert. I’m not designed to do constant approaching day after day. Sure I can do it for an hr, but to do the same thing everyday, it can exhaust me.
      Also, I experienced many hardships learning day game. I was not much getting results and I felt over worked. After that 1st Depression, I took a few months off and began the early theoretical creation of The Domino Effect.

      The second time I experienced depression…

      This was later in my career. This was after creating “The Domino Effect”. At this time I already has great successes. So much that I had an addiction for sex. I literally couldn’t have sex with the same girl more than once or I felt like throwing up. I went to a sexual addiction specialist. I felt lost and out of touch. I then rest and regrouped and am back to normal.

  13. urboii2012 ⋅

    Ok Justin you have much experience at this 🙂 … so say most girl you will talk to are maybe girls (is this in terms of girls you hook through stranger approach and social circle girls). ok wat am tryin to say is if a girl is comfortable with you is she a maybe girl ?….

    • that’s a complicated question.

      In social circles, its far more complex. A girl may be very comfortable with you but not at all into you.

      However, If a girl is comfortable with you, it may mean she is a maybe girl. It can also mean that she does not see you as a threat and feel social but is still a no girl.

      Maybe girls are basically show you mixed signals, or mediocre energy within a stranger approach context.

      • urboii2012 ⋅

        So if a no girl is comfortable with you(Social Circle or Stranger approach) can you then proceed to the next level and run Game (Domino effect) on her?…

      • Yes. But it is more difficult. I think my podcast episode 3 talks about a scenario with the same thing.

        Sent from my iPhone

  14. bogspua

    Great workshop video, I like your simple and effective style of explaining things.

    I remember you been saying that your book will be out about the summer time. What would you say the timeline for the book now (I assume you did lots of work on it already)? And another question will it be hard copy book or e-book?

  15. Michael ⋅

    I don’t care what copy it is..I’m buying it the minute I see Justin Wayne book release. I’m so clinging to buying it.

  16. starlingpua ⋅

    justin stick with these typa girls and hot black girls like this bro

  17. Allen ⋅

    Hey Justin any updates on when the book is going to be released?

  18. Azulla ⋅

    What is the title of the song in that infield video?

  19. Bk ⋅

    Justin how do let some of the girls down…do u tell them st8 up i dont wanna see u again or let them down slowly cause i want to be as ethical as possible

    • most of the times, i let them know that im not into anything serious at the moment…

      In most cases, if you meet a girl from stranger approach and sleep with her on the 1st date, she won’t feel like she is that connected with you since she only spoke to you for a day.

      in social circle, you will have to be more careful since girls expect more form the social circle than a random guy they met.

  20. Tom ⋅

    Hey Justin, can we can access or purchase your recent speech at the dating conference?

    Also I am eagerly waiting for your book!

  21. Bk ⋅

    The complications and complexity of social circles makes it hard to be content with social circles approaching, but Justin do feel that letting your intent known b4 hand works in social circles as well as it works in stranger approaching. Since relying on stranger approaching can be horrible, how do we get abundance in socials circles while being careful

    • in social circle its always best to take your time… but not to much time.

      The idea is to practice stranger approach to optimize your skill-set, general confidence and demeanor

      This will help you to optimize your odds in Social Circle settings.

  22. urboii2012 ⋅

    Hey man just listened to podcast episode 3 got a more understanding of a No girl i say they usually have boyfriends..
    Maybe your next blogging or article / podcast… the differences in a Yes girl,Maybe girl and No girl …

  23. E-Fresh ⋅

    Justin is that recently lay report of the blonde nyc girl the same as the other blonde in the justin lays 3 girls in 24 HOURS because the descrpition sound different but the girl looks smiliar

  24. Azulla ⋅

    I’m still new in this pick up stuff. I still have bad conversational skill. What do you think about using ‘scenario,’ ‘conversation plan,’ or ‘routine’ beforehand???

  25. Jason ⋅

    Hey Justin will you have a section on social circle game in your book, and if not will you consider adding your thoughts on it? I’d be interested in your opinions about social circle.

    My ‘scene’ is almost purely social circle (small college in the middle of nowhere). Can’t wait for your book!

  26. Carl ⋅

    Is there anything that we can buy now before you release your book? I am meeting a girl I really like and I think the romantic connection stuff will help seal the deal…

  27. Franklin ⋅

    Man I’m pretty confused. I just came out of depression and stopped taking my pills. Most of it was due to being lonely even though I am an introvert, but i still wanted girls. I spent a lot of money on other materials but they didn’t benefit me much and wasted it all…

    I live in NYC (Flushing), I’m totally new, a late bloomer and I’m skinny. How do I start? What steps should i take to begin my change?

  28. @Justin-Could you consider Elaine as your wing-girl(un-oficially)?

  29. Elliot ⋅

    how do I get information about 2011 workshop? Is it on video?

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