6 Things That PUAs Do To Make Sarging Lame!!!


Hey Guys, 

This is my X- Wingman Kenny and He used to live with me a few years a go for about 2 years and was there when I created The Domino Effect where I got a lot more consistent results with women. I think this is a good post about how to deal with other people when “training” or learning pick up.

Here he is…

I recently had a revelation that I fucking hate sarging with PUAs.  Even if I enjoy the people as their normal selves outside of their PUA life, there is not a single worse night out than rolling deep with a group of PUAs with the intent of gaming women.  And this is coming from a guy who loves going to bars + clubs with my friends and hitting on girls once there.  PUAs basically take a super fun + social activity and make it as miserable and excruciating as possible by polluting it with their PUAdom.

1. Normal conversations do not happen in a group of PUAs.

When I’m hanging out with my normal friends, going out is an alternation of chilling with the bros and then talking to girls when I feel like it.  This is fun, balanced, and pleasant- we have normal conversations about normal things, and then it’s natural and easy to talk to girls when we feel like it and the night isn’t a waste if we don’t because we had a good time bro’ing it up.

This is not the case with PUAs.  I don’t fucking know why, but for some reason there’s an unwritten rule that when you are sarging with PUAs you’re either opening sets or more likely just hanging off to the side and discussing gaming theory.  For some reason you have to share your ideas about what you think is effective gaming, past instances of opening sets, who your favorite dating instructors are, and on and on and on and on.  This is dreadfully boring because if you’re a PUA you probably have no clue how to game effectively, your gaming stories are probably fucking stupid, and your favorite instructors are probably full of shit and never got laid, ergo I’d rather not engage in this conversation with you.  Seriously, I’d prefer to exchange stories about what your favorite Ke$ha song is instead, because that is a far more scintillating conversation

2. “How did it go???”

My new rule is that I am going to fucking balltap anybody who ever asks me how a set went.  Why don’t you take a fucking guess, I approached a girl, engaged her in a conversation, used the same fucking lines and routines that I always used, got her phone number, and fully anticipate a flake in the future.  Fucking awesome, am I right???  If anything unique or special ever happens in a set, you will surely be the first to know as I will share the details with you excitedly.  In the meantime, feel free to assume that whatever happened in my set is neither horribly interesting nor important, and that we can skip the whole “How did it go???” conversation and resume our discussion about which work of Ke$ha is most elite.

3. “Yo man, you should have…”

Here’s a very important nugget of wisdom: if you are a PUA, I almost assuredly don’t fucking want your advice or insight.  If you had something useful or helpful to say, you would probably be charging an assload of money for people to hear it; after all 90%+ of PUA instructors are getting paid for advice that isn’t useful.  In the rare case that you have figured out something awesome, it should be readily apparent in your work and all of the bottom feeder PUAs that you encounter will be thirsting for your wisdom.  Until then, the percentages suggest that you’re just another nerd that knows fuckall about women, dating, and social dynamics and you are not getting laid from game.  I quite honestly could give a motherfuck about what you think I should have done and kindly request that you shut the fuck up and keep your erroneous ideas to your damn self.

4. Overemphasizing the Trivial

It’s as if most PUAs want to micro-analyze every step you take and breath you breathe in field.  Example: I holler at a girl across the street, set doesn’t hook, PUA says “she was probably too far away.”  Well jeez, I hadn’t fucking considered that, thanks for the cutting edge insight.  Maybe I didn’t give a fuck that she was too far away and felt like hollering regardless of how poor the odds were of the set hooking.  I am not always going to try to optimize every fucking aspect of my game, it’s not like this is the SAT where I lose points every time I get a question wrong.  Sometimes I’m just going to do whatever the fuck I feel like doing regardless of whether it’s solid game or not; nobody is keeping stats of my performance and even if they were I surely wouldn’t give a fuck about having good ones.  Just fucking relax and don’t sweat it if I don’t hang on every single word of every single set like you do.

5. Lying about success

If you consistently get laid by attractive women via cold approach, you likely have insane attraction vibes from most of the sets that you hook that are immediately apparent to a neutral observer.  Don’t fucking make shit up to me, it will be obvious that you were lying when you can’t  get more than a polite phone number or even hook a set.

6. Living in a game warped reality

I can’t stand it when PUAs always try to over glorify their non accomplishments.  I sincerely don’t care if you had attraction in your last set or not; if you did that’s great and I hope you converted to some sort of close.  If you walked away empty handed or only with a flaky number, it shouldn’t even matter to you whether you had attraction or not, because that girl is gone forever.  So you can only imagine how little it matters to me.

Another thing is that PUAs seem to love gloating over making out with completely shitfaced girls.  Yes, I know it’s exciting to kiss girls and that kissing sober girls is difficult, so when you actually do make out with a girl it’s hard to nitpick over her drunkenness because your lips just got fucking wet, yo!  But the important thing to realize is that when a girl hits a certain level of inebriation where she is only partially wary of reality, that kissing her becomes a very simple task.  The instruction manual for this goes something like 1) Have a pulse 2) Place your lips in the vicinity of hers 3) Profit.  So hooray for small victories, but if you’re running mediocre or better game, you should be getting the full monty with any woefully drunk girl; that is once you get past the moral questionability and the fact that you may be open to rape charges at more extreme levels of intoxication.  I know that the PUA community opens your eyes to a whole new world, but I suggest that you take a cursory glance back at reality every now and again to assure that you’re not being a complete fucking creep.


This is Kenny talking about our journey . This video was taken in 2009, when I was abusing The Domino Effect.

So yeah, with all of this shit having a fun night of bro’ing and hoe’ing becomes a tantalizingly shitty night of belaboring the bottom feeder status of the community to which you belong.  Approaching strangers is inherently low value, and to derive any form of value from cold approach you very badly need to be balanced and successful in other aspects of life.  Yet PUAs insist on accentuating the fact that they belong to one of the most loser driven social communities on the face of the planet, which turns up the pressure to get results and sucks any fun and positive energy out of the experience.  You don’t need to adapt your game and create new routines every moment out in the field, in fact I’d advise against being introspective in field altogether.  Just as you need to balance PUA life with normal activities, it is also recommended to balance your sarging with normal social behavior.  If you have been gaming for years, pretend that you have opened multiple sets in your past and that this shit is not fucking new to you.  There is value to understanding game and being adept at approaching women who are complete strangers, but for fuck’s sake once you get the hang of it it’s OK to do it as you’re a socially normal person one fucking time.

Justin Wayne “Seduction Methods” Workshop and Infield Videos


Firstly, it appears that my blog is getting more popular and I am getting tons of emails asking me to post more regularly. Truth is, I have been focusing on my book and coaching. Also, I was studying for a certification course ‘non-dating’ related. Additionally, I had to manage some new girlfriends that I am presently dealing with. It has been fun.

Justin Wayne Dating

Despite all that, I will try and do a new post every week since I will have more time soon.

I decided to throw you guys a freebie video with solid content regarding seduction from a stranger approaching perspective. I have spent more time talking about how to create a Romantic Connection with women.

This video is dedicated for ALL users. Whether you have a romantic connection or you are just playing the numbers game, this is applicable from a stranger approaching context.

The Justin Wayne Seduction Workshop 2011 video is HERE:


This weekend was fun. Firstly, I had a client named “Pacino” who enrolled in The Justin Wayne Training Program.

Pacino on First Instant Date

He was able to get his first Romantic Instant Date with a stranger. This happened on the second training session as will be revealed in the video. He is originally from Arizona and flew in to New York to get coaching and hired me for the whole weekend which was Fri, Sat, and Sunday. He met 3 of my girls and questioned them about how I met them to learn from the stories.

One of them is Elaine. She is a local girl who was born and grew up in the New York atmosphere. She also has a really huge social circle. When I met her she was the typical MAYBE GIRL, which I think is VERY importnat to note that most girls who talks to you will be MAYBE GIRLS.

Meet Elaine Wayne

She is in the Fashion Industry and has an excellent eye for fashion. Listen guys, FASHION IS KEY in stranger approaching. Your first impression is all you have, so why not optimize EVERY CATEGORY?

Elaine prepares Pacino infield.

Anyways, Elaine also brings a good perspective since she is a young woman in here “PRIME”. She accompanied me infield for the weekend.

SHe also came with me to “The 2012 DATING CONFERENCE”, which was on the Saturday. She helped Pacino with his style and certain aspects of his approach before he went in field.

As a result, Pacino was able to get his first ever romantic instant date. Shout outs to Pacino.

Also, shout outs to Elaine, thanks babes 😉

Romantic Connection…