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Lay Report “Indirect Approach to Instant Date to Number Close to Date to Take her Home”

Spring Game…

I have been getting more demand for Lay Report videos. It seems as if the followers want me to post them more regularly. I just want you guys to know that I am  not only about Lay Reports. Also, It is really tough to record while gaming. Especially due to the fact that I do not game much ( I have scores of local PUA’s in NY who know me and will testify to this ). I would say that I can get decent footage of perhaps 1 out of 5 girls I take home.

It depends on the mood of the girl, the logistics, etc. Some girls are a lot more paranoid. Especially due to the fact that it is their first time with me and I still have to navigate through different forms of resistance. To then focus on getting good shots on top of that is quite difficult. Anyways, here is one for the spring.


Lay Report

The Aura of a Lovely Woman…

I was coaching a 1 on 1 client a few days ago. He chose to do the ultimate training program where I coach him once a week and progressively guide his game. We were focusing on how to do indirect game in grocery stores. We were in Whole Foods that day. Since he already had some decent results with girls that he did not want, we finally decided to raise the caliber of women that he was approaching. He wanted to get the Educated Upper Class hot yet sophisticated white women and that is exactly what we were working on for that evening in the whole foods. I was a bit sick that day and was looking forward to relaxing at hime after the hard days work from both of us.

Anyways, as we were wrapping up, we saw an attractive woman around 5″11 maybe 6″ tall. She had a very confident demeanor and looked like she knows what she is about. From my experiences, these are probably the most difficult type of women to pickup from random stranger approaching. This is mainly due to their options and their wit. I could tell based on the way she was dressed and also the strides in her walk. She is a relatively wealthy woman who is in the medical field, I think she studied Cardiology and is in her early to mid 20’s. She’s into a very healthy lifestyle of exercising and self improvement. She also has honors from her college. She has travelled all over the world and is fluent in 3 languages. She was also coming out of a recent relationship with a very wealthy and notorios man who I will not disclose.

At the park…

As she was walking towards our aisle, I signalled to him. I could feel the fear from his eyes, despite how well he was doing with the less attractive women that he practiced on. Luckily, he had customized material that I created for him. He pretended that we were speaking and then he turned to her and asked an indirect question to her. She then answered. She was polite with him but looked like she wanted to leave. As he spoke, I made sure that I agreed with what he was saying. I also appeared busy and pretending to be looking at the yogurt section. Within less than a minute, she started to ignore him. I saw the socially awkward gaze that he gave me. I’ve been there before, and I always hated it when girls just go silent while trying to strike up genuine conversation. She actually totally ignored him…or should I say us, since we both took part in the opening.

I thought about whether I should give it a shot. Basically, she was in that section anyways looking for yogurt anyways. So after the one minute silence, my client walked away. I then re-opened her by making a statement” this yogurt is AMAZING” then she looked at me, however, I did not look at her. I sensed that for this girl I had to play it very cool and show NO romantic interest. She was already not in that mood. She did not respond to that statement but I just continued talking about it “It’s the healthiest yogurt in this whole store, and yet it taste the best.. that virtually NEVER happens…” She finally grabbed the bait and responded by saying “let me see…” So then I showed her the contents. ( truth is that I was just talking crap, I do not even care for yogurt ). SO we started speaking about yogurt, then I transitioned from Indirect ( the yogurt topic) to Neutral (non sexual rapport). I made sure that the momentum was high before transitioning. I knew that I was walking on a VERY THIN ROPE and that ONE mistake will ruin everything. As I reached to the Neutral phase of the social interaction, I focused on really creating a ‘friendly’ but not ‘nice’ interaction. I tried to make it feel as if we are hitting it off as friends. Just to cast a decent social base before trying to hit on her in any shape or form or she would have rejected me off the bat. ALso, she had two bags in her hand so the logistics seemed a bit out of my favor.


Within about 3 minutes of neutral and social conversation. I then used a tactic to get her to follow me down to another section of the store. I wanted to create social momentum. As she followed me I felt the momentum growing. I finally established the first check point in my Domino Effect. However, I had to figure out a way to deal with the fact that she had to continue shopping. I asked her if she was finished shopping to have an idea of what to do next. She said “I think so”. So then I said, “well I have to go now, let’s just check out together as we talk because I gotta tell you about what happened to me yesterday…” This was a great reason to get her to come with me to the cashier without “lingering” around her. We went to the cashier. This process took about 5 minutes since there was lot of people. Within the 15 minute mark, we were finally outside. Up to this point the conversation was very social which was perfect since I have now created a great social base to then begin PROGRESSIVE FLIRTING. It took literally one minute to transition to flirting and hand holding. SHe had two bags in her hand, so I just took one of her bags in one hand, and then held her hand and continued walking with her down the street. She was blushing heavily. I started to smell the weakness as I flirted with her. Especially when I asked “so do you live around here?” and then she said “yes I live close by, I can show you if you want”. Wait, let me rewind. While we were walking holding hands, I mentioned to her that we should grab a drink  now. So she wanted to take home her bags first which led to her saying I can follow her home while she packs her bags and then she will rejoin me. That’s exactly what we did. I told her to close her eyes, she closed them while smiling, and then I slowly wnet in for the make out. After the make out she looked very bashful.

At this point I knew that I was in. Meaning that she was romantically interested and also trusted me enough to follow her home. If I went direct and used “flashy” game, she would not have trusted me enough yet. SHe then said “I’m sorry, but I have to do something, do you want to meet me infront my apartment in and hour?” So of course i said “umm.. let me see…. sure, my friend Lisa is actually near by, so I’ll hang with her in the meantime”. ( I had to try and preserve my value.. even though this may be marginal, it still adds up in the collective experience of the pick up.  So I basically took a walk while she went up.)


So I then got a text an hr later where she said “I’m soo sorry, I can not come out tonight. Tomorrow? Im really sorry:(. ”

I responded later saying ” Yea, its cool, Lisa wanted to meet you, it’s great over here! sorry you couldn’t come out. WHat time tomorrow can you hang out?”

This text did a number of things, Firstly it shows a positive vibe, secondly it shows that I’m bound to have fun with or without her, and thirdly, I get straight to the point by trying to set the date the next day.

She then responds “Meet me at “x” place at “x” time tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you, you were very charming tonight :)”

I didn’t bother try to guess why she couldn’t come out. That would be simply pure mental masturbation.

She met me the next day. As shown on the video. The date plan was simple. I would take her to a number a places all going towards my apartment. The weather was great that day for spring season. I basically just relaxed with her. All the work was done on day1. All I had to do was relax. She even initiated handholding while we were walking. I knew I was in. We went walking, eating, drinking (coffee) etc. It was like 2 hrs of having fun. I honestly really enjoyed her and she was a very interesting woman. She was both very hot and educated. I haven’t had such great conversation in a long time with a girl on a date.

I basically told her that I will take her to my apartment and try to seduce her. She just laughed and said “your so bad”.

I took her home to my room. She gave little resistance for sex. However, she told me to put away my phone and to take off all the lights. It seemed like she sensed that I have a blog dedicated to this :). I complied since she was very hot naked. I couldn’t help but to think to myself how fortunate I was to create such a powerful technique (The Domino Effect). It get’s me women way out of my league by targeting subconscious attraction. In her right mind she would have never slept with a random guy like me of significantly lower socio-economic status and much less attractive with nothing to offer. She even said “no offense, but I never though I would slept with a black guy before”. She is generally not into them. This is not the first time I heard this. IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ME MORE EASILY, PLEASE CLICK ON THE “FOLLOW” BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THIS PAGE. 

Messing Around…

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138 responses to “Lay Report “Indirect Approach to Instant Date to Number Close to Date to Take her Home”

  1. Johnny Depp ⋅

    That girl is SOOO HOT!! WOW!! Justin, you are an inspiration, thanks for the break down

  2. Saw Man ⋅

    She is easily a 10

  3. RedTie ⋅

    I’ve been following you for a long time but I’m genuinely stunned by this, wow. I mean this is actually ridiculous how amazing what you just did here is and you make it sound so simple. This is something 99.9% of men out there aren’t capable of doing. Maximum respect bro.

  4. youngpua ⋅

    Hey Justin do you always go indirect with hot woman or was it the fact that you calibrated based on the tone she had for your student

  5. Curious Day Gamer ⋅

    Justin, you are an inspiration!

    Question – what is your approach-to-date-to-lay ratio from day game stranger approach?

    You seem like a genuine guy, so I trust you will answer this honestly.

    • Well, it’s hard to say the approaches. I probably approach like once a week at most… Only on my coaching sessions. And half the times I do not approach much because I’m with clients.

      Also, sometimes I am just having fun with clients and not approaching with serious intent. For example, if I see a girl walking, I may just cat call for fun. Keep in mind I’ve had my days like 3 years ago approaching like 3 times a week and gaming a lot. Like 2 years ago I drastically slowed it down because I finally cracked the flaking issue .

      However, from date to close, I would say its about 7 or 8 out of 10 girls on dates if I do the The Domino Effect where I create a romantic connection before hand leads to sex on 1st date, like in this post. The reason why it may seem easy is because all the work was done in the initial pickup.

      If I run normal game my flake rate would be like any other dating coach. Pure randomness.

      • Curious Day Gamer ⋅

        OK, so assuming you implement The Domino Effect, you get 7-8 lays out of every 10 dates.

        But out of every 10 girls you approach, how many are you able to get out on dates (Using your Domino Effect)?

      • Great question.. I covered this before.. I would say 7 or 8/10 would show up on dates when I used to keep stats while trying to innovate it 3 years ago. No matter how hot the woman is, it is very hard for her to shake it.

        Without Romantic Connection, it was mostly flakes.

        The real challenge is getting the Romantic Connection. I have no real stats of that. Not every girl I open will hook, but the hook rate is still much better than it was when I did standard game. It is possible for me to go out and not get a romantic connection. I may still take down the number, but I would know to myself that it is very flakey and will still send her a quick text trying to meet up wit her. I wouldn’t implement phone game because the return on phone investment is VERY LOW.

        That’s why I mostly just go for the Romantic Connection…

        It’s funny, most of the gamers out there think that I’m some black natural. Where in reality, Naturals are OVERRATED. I never met naturals that could consistently pull girls of consistently higher caliber than themselves from random day game. This is for many reasons.

  6. bogspua

    Very impressive LR, I wish the video would show the approach like your previous video (“direct vs indirect”).

    The Lisa story seems to be a great help to you and helps you out every single time, especially your application of it, I think I am going to implement one as well.

    • Yea, just switch the name up .. like Anne or something 🙂

      It is a great way to set her perceived context of why you are lingering around the area. It is more useful for outdoor game since it’s a but more random.

      Concerning the infield pickup. I onlny will use those for the DVD that will come with the book. Lay reports are simply just things i put together if i get time and some decent clips which are tough to get. I do not usually film myself while coaching since most clients prefer to stay anonymous.

  7. youngpua ⋅

    one more question you meet girls near your residence and by the way it looks its a pretty afluent place but what about some brothers who live in hoods do you advise them to take them place near there or find better places for dates far away from their houses and then pull them to there house

    • Most of my lays in the past were not in the best locations. I used to live like a 1 hr and 30 mins from the main city where I would game. I lived in a dirty college house full of guys.

      If the girl is into you properly, she won’t care.

  8. i dont get this man. why is it so easy for you?….it should not be this easy even with the romantic connection… if this stuff is really true youve just completely changed the game of pick up

    • Well, It’s honestly not THAT easy. I still experience rejection, occasional flaking, etc. It’s just easier once the set hooks and i get a Romantic Connection. after that she no longer fights it.

      Without the romantic connection, I am nothing.

      The techniques im using are still relatively new. I am having other clients vigorously test things out to confirm a few things before I go public with this. I want my data to be spot on.

  9. justin what other things could you say equivalent to the “my freind lisa” thing to increase your value? do you use any other attracation triggers

    • the “Lisa” story is just used to set the context of why I am waiting around the area. It does not generate attraction. I just helps to minimize any suspicion she may have. Other side benefits of the Lisa story is that it shows that I hang out with cool girls so I am probably a bit more safe to be around at face value.

  10. Kato ⋅

    Hey Justin i got a question when is it the best time to go indirect vs direct because in street game there is time factor which makes indirect seem kind of strange to do and another question is game really suited for the non-defect guy because you say its not design for everyone

    • You never really have to go DIRECT. I’d prefer to go Neutral. It means opening with friendly and maybe flirty energy about herself that you may have found interesting. Indirect is great for calm environments where the girl is standing. Like in a supermarket for example.

      Direct game is great under 2 circumstances.

      1) If she seems into you
      2) If you are congruent/skilled in that type of behavior

      It’s never “needed” as an opener.

  11. JimmyNewtron ⋅

    Hey Justin, shout outs from toronto, canada….I enjoy your videos man and the way you make it seem like there is no “secret lines” its all about building the connection….Only 1 complaint LoL YOUR KILLING US WITH THIS PRODUCT MAN you do some good podcasts but I know the product is gonna have some gems in there….keep doing your thing my man take it to the max!!

  12. Barney ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    I really enjoy reading your articles and I can’t wait for the book to come out!

    But in the meantime, would it be possible to maybe mix up the music in your videos? I’m from Germany and sadly I’m not able to watch half of your videos (like this one) via youtube because of the music you put in and some stupid copyright laws over here…:-(

    Or maybe you could also put them up on a different video site?

    Your german fans would really appreciate it….;-)

    Keep up your great and inspiring work!

    • Tell me which ones are blocked and I will post them on a different site.

      • Barney ⋅

        These are the ones that are blocked:

        – Justin Wayne Lay Report “Indirect Approach – Date – Take her home”
        – Justin Wayne PUA Lays Model
        – The ‘Justin Wayne’ Podcast: Episode 2 – “The Truth on Motivation”
        – The ‘Justin Wayne’ PodCast: Episode 5 – “The White Cutie with a Black Booty”
        – Justin Wayne – First Time Kiss with Perfect Stranger

        Where are you gonna post them?

        Thanks in advance!

  13. hmmm. which site do you suggest. I will try Vimeo.

  14. When is your book coming out?

  15. Michael ⋅

    Hi Justin,

    First off as a student in California that has been reading gaming theory since 18 and honestly putting it more into practice now at the age of 22 (where I’m more solid) I find you interesting to say the least and wowing to say the most. First of all, the women you have slept with : fuck…me. They are amazing. But one thing that confuses me is definitely where you say it’s a numbers game or the “old school” Way of thinking. I mean that I know to say “pickup is a numbers game” is freaking stupid..I hate that and have hated that notion since 18 years old. We’re on the same page. Now, however, I believe I should state I hate routine stacks, and canned openers…I believe situations vary when it comes to women..but I moreover am a believer in you.

    I saw your infield stuff and I was like…fuck me. And …I don’t mean to be so…blatant but you’re black! I mean….I really am not trying to be racist but the women you’re getting seem like they NEVER date people of color, and I’m not white I’m brown. And I truly try to look past color in my day to day life, but I’ve been made socially aware that color seems to be something so many women think about in terms of long-term and then their primal instincts can almost look past it …if the attraction is so powerful…wow.

    Now that you know I’m serious about question follows: usually in direct game I like to build the connection, the romantic moments so to speak. I never knew some pick up artists focus so hard on a number close as a GUARANTEED success. I never personally think that. Maybe no one has said it other than you…but then again I never realized it only took 10%? Really? 10%….I’m trying to concentrate that into like..minutes…thats like a number in no time at all?

    Now in my direct game, I like to kino escalate, I like it to be mutal, I like it to be playful, and when I see potential then I ask for a number. I do know that there are some direct gamers that go in talk for small bits and ask for a number – plop…and they may actually get it …but I mean…I see A LOT of rejections even for a number. This is where your method confuses me a bit. You’re saying its possible to get numbers without a romantic connection…or at least without seeing your seminar but your youtube videos – this is what I find you saying?

    I wish I was in NYC to get your help but I’m just a poor good looking shmuck who is young and is seeing his life moving through everyday of his eyes.

    Lastly…the women you have actually have bfs….and its shocking how many cheated on their committed bf’s with you. I mean…if this is possible with every girl (And I’m probably exaggerating this) where are the REAL women? How can I ever be sure my gf won’t cheat on me? I did notice in your podcast you mentioned these girls were at stages where the attraction for their bf’s fizzled or the relationship was already bad for fair game. So I’m guessing no woman with a GOOD relationship ever cheated? Thats what I’m wondering.

    I need your answers more than ever Justin.


    • Hey Michael,

      It is a bit difficult for me to dig through all the questions but I will try my best.

      1) When I said that it only takes 10% interest levels to get a phone number i meant this… If you talk to a girl for about 3 minutes and then use avery good reason to get her number, she would most likely give it to you without requiring her to have any feelings for you.
      For Example, ” It was cool talking to you but I gotta go now. I’m having an AMAZING party later. Bring friends! Give me your number and I will text you the details later.” this require about 10% interest levels.

      This is a very easy way to get a girls number with low interest in you.

      On the other hand if you say.. “It was great talking to you. I would like to take you out on a DATE if you are interested, whats your number…” it will require more interest levels since she can easily say “Im sorry I have a boyfriend” That would require like 50% interest levels. ( still could be flakey is she gives her number still)

      2)To get a solid phone number AKA Romantic Connection, you need 100% interest levels. Anything below is still very shakey and can be very fleeting.

      3) you asking where in the relationship cycles will women cheat. they can cheat in any part. Ive been with women when things were perfectly fine in her relationship. In life you can not worry about girls cheating. You just have to make the best decision you can given on your circumstance and be happy within yourself. I spoke of the relationship cycles here :

  16. Michael ⋅

    Also, yes please when is your book coming out. I would love to do the domino effect than implement a bit of what you’ve done in the videos because it seems like as you said…it’s easy to get lost in translation without really the details and just the video.

  17. Kato ⋅

    Is she the icing on the cake or are hot girls like her a consistent theme in your life? And Justin how do you deal with Approach invitation cause i am good looking guy and when i get them i always go indirect from some reason (not really good at direct approaches) and fuck up the approach

    • Yes, I get girls of that caliber consistent enough.

      If you get approach invitations, it still requires game to get her. It does help to increase your chances but there is still no guarantee.

      Simple solution, work on your stranger approaching skills.

  18. john ⋅

    justine, i just found out about you maybe 1 – 2 weeks ago.. i must say, you are the first pua that really inspired me.. you are very different from other gurus or seduction coaches out there. If only i live in NY, i will not hesitate to take a 1 on 1 bootcamp with from asia and im a fan.. cant wait for the book.. more power to you…:)

    • I am planning on taking a tour next year. I love asia. hopefully I can go there

      • john ⋅

        Really? that would be awesome.. ill always chck your website for your updataes and
        new articles.. and will be waiting for your book.. how i wish i already know the community when i was in college. but now im 27.. and just starting to learn about the community.. will wait for ur book.. will buy it for sure..

  19. Daygamer in Troubles ⋅

    Hello Justin,

    thank you for the blog. I do direct daygame now 2 years and approached 500 girls on the street. I had only 5 days of it and no lays. The Numbers that i take are all Flakes. I do not know what to do, i mostly game every day, but still no succes.

    Do you have some advise

    see you (from germany)

  20. Daygamer in Troubles ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    thank for the link i did read it. To create a Romantic Connection, I have just only (1) hold her hands long, (2) hug her multiple times (3) and kiss her? Are this 3 things enough to create a Romantic Connection? Romantic Connection = Kino Escalation?

  21. Gamer ⋅

    Hello Justin,

    do I understand you right? If I appraoch a girl direct on the street, I have to do it with the goal, to create romantic moments with her?

  22. Domino Jr. ⋅

    where is the ideal place to be/live in all of new york to constantly meet/bump into these high quality women?

  23. Rob ⋅

    Justin wayne …… you have magical powers? if so where did you get them and how can i aquire them…. thanks

  24. Papa Doc ⋅

    Justin ‘The Truth’ Wayne

    I have been following for a about a year and half and personally i got to say that you got the best logic structure and approach to game. When i first started of I use to think that phone was the basis of game get random number and see whether or not. But when i stumbled upon your blog i was holy shit and instantly thought that this really makes sense once you remove your ego from your understanding and comprehension of game. I knew that a romantic connection was needed but the RSD, and Mystery Method made me think this was some AFC shit so i just went through a year and half of bullshit. I think you should make one solid podcast talking about the community because dudes (Jullian Foxx no flakes, RSD, Mehow, AFC Adam) be teaching the wrong approach to game and turning good dudes into depressed mysoginist.

    The problem with the community is that dudes do not want to let go of their egos so they stick to a frame of gurus that has no basis of picking of women. Krauser is you pal and suceessful PUA but if he was to adopt your structure and let go of MM he would have his success quadrouple. Mystery was a genius and SOLID social scientist and he deserve ALOT of credit but like Freud and other First Timers there methods arent always correct down the road.

    Am a hit you up soon to do a skype success. PS why do you seem alot more anti-social in the podcast and very charismatic in the written aspects… and can you rank some of your favourite pua

    “Establishing a Romantic connection in the first interaction is the cure to all evils”
    -Justin wayne

    • Hey,

      My favorite PUA was Mystery. He was able to demonstrate and prove his teachings to some degree at those times compared to all the others that expected you to simply believe without proof.

  25. urboii2012 ⋅

    Hey Justin wat do you mean in terms of rejection ( is it could’nt get the girl to hook) and how do you know if you have a romantic connection ?…

    • rejection can mean not hooking in some cases.

      if you have a romantic connection it will feel like you are a couple

      • urboii2012 ⋅

        Dat seems clearer thanks… wat other type of rejections are their is flaking a part of it?…Ok in terms of social circle would girls in it be categorized as maybe girls since they hav some sort of comfort with you??… ( read the article)

  26. FasterGamer ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    you have a lot of experiance in daygame. What would you say, what REALLY create attraction during daygame beside creating a romantic moments?

  27. Superman

    Seeing a black guy consistently get women of other races from cold approach, and high social status ones at that, is inspirational to us brothers! Keep up the good work man! I noticed you always dance/sing to youtube music videos with them when you bring them back home. is that part of the domino method structure?

    • hey bro,

      im glad you recognized the difference with gaming as a minority. your social ctatus is lower on the stranger side of things.

      The youtube videos thing is not a part of the domino effect. It just something i do when i bring them home since my room in NYC is very small and theres nothing else do. lol

  28. Hermes ⋅

    Like everyone else has been saying, its inspiring to see a minority able to get these women of perceived higher value. I am also a minority as well and I have a few questions. As a minority is it essential/mandatory to create an illusion of high value, or can I get away with just conveying my personality and pumping sexual tension?

    One more question. I can hook stationary sets with ease but moving sets are never hooking. Is there a way to get moving sets to fully stop and pay attention to what your saying without them wanting to eject every 2 seconds? Is it mandatory to go indirect on women who are speed walking in order to get them to hook?

  29. 1) As a minority and can use both ways.
    2) For stopping girls, it depends on many things such as your energy, stereotype, demeanor, and more.

    You do not have to go indirect to hook girls that are moving.

  30. WeNiggasInParis ⋅

    Hey Justin,
    I notices you have a lot of white girls on here. Do you prefer white girls? And if not If you like black/Latina girls more do you ever game less safe/hood areas like the Bronx to get them? would you ever even go to somewhere like BX where there are a lot of Latina girls?

    • I’ve dated and had many Spanish, and Black girlfriends. Heck, I have a black girlfriend now from Brooklyn who I met on the street.

      I have slept with many spanish girls from BX. Yes, I’ve gamed in Harlem, Bronx, Brooklyn etc. They were my first type of successes since there was more to relate with them.

  31. urboii2012 ⋅

    Ok Justin man its good they way you share the light on this subject in dept..
    From what am taken in from this is it possible to get a kiss/makeout without a romantic connection??…

  32. DaveyWavey ⋅

    how long have you been studying game and the Venusian arts?
    And how long did it take you to actually start seeing real results?
    I’ve been at points where I’ve wanted to quit…

  33. Daygamer in Troubles ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    like I wrote. I did already 500 direct daygame approaches without any lays. Did you had the same situation like me? Do you recommend me, to keep going, or should I stop daygaming. I see no hope.

  34. Dwayne ⋅

    Hey Justin I’m from the Caribbean and just by looking at your videos really motivated me to go out and do some day-games like how you do…all the respect goes out to you man!!!!!!!

  35. urboii2012 ⋅

    Hey justin wat other type of rejections are their is flaking a part of it?…Ok in terms of social circle would girls in it be categorized as maybe girls since they hav some sort of comfort with you??…

    • Flaking is part of rejection. Rejection DOES NOT mean that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get her. In stranger Approach, it’s because of many reasons. The main reason is time span, timing and comfort.

      Time Span
      Time is a huge factor. It is the reason why stranger approaching is most difficult. Even if you approach her indirectly and save face. There still is not enough time for you to really get to know her in a way a friend would.

      The great thing about a social circle is that you can properly time when hanging out with the girl. Many times, a girls ‘buying temperature’ will naturally go up and down. Let’s say one night she is in a bad mood or not social, you can simply lay low and not pursue her that night because you know you can see her when she is on a “high” or “up”. However, in stranger approach, you have very little time. Even on a date, you will have to hope that she is in a decent mood. Sure you can do things to increase it, however you do not have much windows of opportunity, sometimes you have none. Social Circle, on the other hand, has MANY windows of opportunity. I always hear stories about how a couple were once ‘friends’ and then one day (window of opportunity) they just hit it off, maybe they were a bit tipsy in a club etc. If that same guy only had one day to make this happen, he would have never been with her.

      This is hugely important. Firstly, it is damn near impossible to create legitimate comfort for a girl to really trust you from stranger approaching within the initial interaction (which usually lasts for 5-30 minutes). In reality, girls get comfortable with men over the span of a few days, weeks, month, or even years… This depends on the frequency in which they see each other. This explains why men have problems keeping women around after having sex with them within the first date or before. The girl still feels like she does not know him well and she feels buyers remorse. The problem in stranger approach is that even when a guy tries to see a girl like 3 times before having sex it does not materialize. In most cases he is unsuccessful in doing so because the vibe can die out and there will be less incentive for her to meet him that many times. In social circles, there is a BIGGER and UNIFIED reason/incentive to see each other over and over. This incentive is mostly a common hobby, interest, or group of friends. SO the comfort generated from these recurring social activities makes it much easier to KEEP A GIRL YOU WANT AFTER SEX.

  36. Young PUA ⋅

    Hey Justin are you going to keep this women, she is beautiful don’t you get scared that you might meet a woman which may replace your current girlfriend. and does success feel num to you since you get a lot or do you still get that ‘high’ after a close

    • I no longer get a ‘high’ from closing a girl. I am somewhat numb to this. I still appreciate the scientific process of implementing strategy and then watch it materialize as planned.

      There are skeptics that believe that a girl either likes you or she doesn’t. I guess that is true in the FINAL analysis. However, during the process, everything you do and say counts tremendously and will influence her liking for you.

  37. Young PUA ⋅

    So Justin how do you prevent buyers remorse and build comfort so a girl you close stays around and is basic social comfort in the domino effect the same as comfort you speak of in the comment up above

    • When I refer to the term “Basic Social Comfort”, it means that you have just enough comfort to begin flirting with her coming from a stranger approach.

      This is not the same comfort that a girl will have with you if you are friends with her from “Salsa” class for the past few weeks. True comfort takes days to establish.

      True Comfort > Basic Social Comfort

      Sent from my iPhone

  38. Young PUA ⋅

    So i am kind of confuse you close girl like within a day or two of meeting them so is it possible to sleep with a women without true comfort if you have adequate romantic attraction?

    • Yea. All you need is Basic social comfort omitted to sleep with her

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Young PUA ⋅

        I see. Yea I have a lot of friends who get girls from night game but for some reason they have problems keeping them around like just endless one night stands. True comfort does take time, and buyer remorse is an issue and showing them affection as you stated in the past pickups is critical. So from from what i am getting from your logic… sex isn’t the highest compliance for woman (as thought) but rather her staying around ( her seeing you as a legitimate boyfriend/lover)?

  39. Barney ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    just wanted to remind you of uploading the rest of your blocked videos on vimeo.

    – The ‘Justin Wayne’ PodCast: Episode 5 – “The White Cutie with a Black Booty”
    – Justin Wayne – First Time Kiss with Perfect Stranger

    Those are the ones that are still missing.


  40. Rob ⋅

    im just getting into daygame and want my conversation to be longer and yours i guess. is it a good idea to MP3 record sets and listen to them and then think of better and specific things to say and continue to improve that way?

  41. Rob ⋅

    also i have a question about buying temperature… is kino escalating fast and going for a quick k-close a good way to pump buying temperature? like you did in the direct video (indirect direct debate)

  42. DaveyWavey ⋅

    do you pay for dates (cofee/drinks) when you go on dates/ i-dates?
    how do you work it out when you go out with the girl? From the begginning? Split 50-50? ??

  43. Rob ⋅

    you justin, your blogs going on like heatiste with all these comments

  44. Rob ⋅

    if paul janka mastered your type of game right dominoe effect do you think he could close nearly 100% of numbers

  45. urboii2012 ⋅

    Hey Justin I am understanding that if you could build social comfort you could transition into progressive flirting.. but what is progressive flirting (can you explain) …

  46. Michael ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    I have been daygaming….and I never want to have limiting beliefs. To be honest, you to me are an inspiration BECAUSE you are a minority…and in NYC of all places that minority has so many stereotypes going against it really make me believe that superficial aspects of the game for women in terms of looks as Mystery said is really 10%.

    I have been gaming myself….day game only…and night game. My approach to life is as Mystery said: you only have 27,000 days to live….so do it all while you can. I talk to any girl…and I’m such a fit guy..but I’m struggling. I get number closes with flakes…because clearly I’m not building a strong emotional connection (just romantic ….with attraction…kino escalation thats sexual etc). I have not had many lays like you and I am smart enough to know not every woman WILL sleep with you just because she comes home with you…but if she is willing to do that on the same day..this is HUGE and usually quite obvious. But it is of course something I wish to do more of…same day lays….and obviously building a connection after the lay to prevent buyer’s remorse.

    Please release your book justin. Release whatever it is you are doing so I can better understand what you do as part of my toolbox. I know nothing is foolproof…but your results are there…and I can’t go another day without doing the Domino Effect…

  47. Michael ⋅

    Hey Justin…

    I saw you answered me after all…apologies ❤ I look forward to reading it…you have no idea how excited I am.

  48. Michael ⋅

    Thank you for all your help.

    I am saving up money to meet you eventually soon and hopefully you can guide me in person. Until then, I avidly read all your articles.


  49. urboii2012 ⋅

    You said flirting was an essential part in game in one of your videos,the question is ‘Would it be the key to getting the girl to view you in a romantic manner ?…

    • I just moved, and have been dealing with some new girls, so it slowed down a bit. However, I am settling down in my new place so I should be back at it soon.

  50. Black Playboy ⋅

    Justin i got a couple questions when a girl is romatically attracted to you what does she want out of it ( sex, potential boyfirend, fun time)and do girls get buyers remorse when you close them and how do you deal with that

    • WHen a girl meets your and is romantically into you, it means anything can happen, it is up to you and her to shape it in the way you want it.. i call it relationship design. its amazing.

      you can do things to prevent buyers remorse ( slower-paced solid game, and you can do things to treat it ( breakfast in bed, anything that demonstrates you like her more than just quick sex)

  51. Michael ⋅

    Met a girl today. Went very direct….I didn’t do “excuse me.” But I did do a lot of ‘banter’ I just said…she’s an amazing girl and I have freedom from the outcome.

    She was there…I don’t usually go for brunettes, but I went for this one. She was radiant beauty. But I am always on the frame that well…you know. At this point I know when a girl is stunning…and it can still be intimidating at times even though I’ve talked to other beautiful girls…but I go for it anyways – free from outcome.

    She was sniffing cologne….and I was too…
    I said “hows this” *nudged her a bit* (indirect)
    She’s like “mm its nice”

    I said ….sweetheart its nice? That’s it. Come on. If you’re not going to give me your opinion here…then we’re done. She laughed and went uhh what?

    I said I’m breaking up with you. You’re a shitty girlfriend. And then the guy was like “wow ur breaking up with her??”

    I went no of course not…and I put my arm around her…sweetie which one do you love? She’s like I kind of like this one…im not sure. She was into the idea of us as a couple.

    I then actually told her ‘hey listen. You’re really cute. Give me your number and we’ll go out for coffee sometime’ She immediately gave it…in fact she was so overwhelmed she was like..I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m like it’s fine. Whats your name? she gave me her name I got her number.

    After this…I held her hand. I thought romantic connection romantic connection!! I didn’t grasp at her hand like out of desperation, but I held it as I said my name…and then I kept talking. She kept holding my hand. I knew this was amazing. Then we hugged and I told her just don’t stalk me okay?

    And I left…but then I saw her again. And I told her…hey lets go somewhere now. We did, we went for coffee…and she kissed me on the cheek and I went for her lips.

    Is this the romantic connection that I’ve been dying to feel? I felt like we were already so close. All these nagging text questions are gone from my head.

    I don’t know Justin…but I can’t wait for the book. I texted her after, saying “hey I want to see you on tuesday”

    11:13 PM but she hasn’t responded. I don’t know if she will…she should? But who knows. Maybe I wrote her number down wrong? Can I really be this stupid Justin? If so…I’ll never stop regretting losing her because I failed to write down her fucking number right.

  52. Marcus ⋅

    Yo Yo Justin!
    Hey I’m pretty young just got of high school I’m arguably handsome I always like to say haha. But yeah I get a decent amount of girls they always initiate and start talking to me and I just jump in like a wilder beast and handle it or I gradually do the infatuation sweet couple route. But either way I’m out of school and trying to figure out what I want to do and I’m realizing i dont go attend to many social events and its hard for me to find girls and either way I’m sorta of a hopeless romantic who’s partially shy so I’m never doing any of the hollering or gaming whatever you want to call it. So yeah I’m chilling with my buddy more and more downtown and were both realizing how lonely were getting and we are both nice looking black dudes that are easily socially excepted hands down probably because of our style. We look like brooklyn hipster wanna bee’s haha But anyway yesterday I some how saw Keys to the VIP on Youtube and was like wwwwwwhhhhhaaaat! and then it gradually went to the Mens Room and on and on until today I saw you. And It only took me one video to get it all man. I’m not like these other guys who are struggling and dont know what to say, Im a poet got a book out already, Im very good when it comes with communication and in fact women but I like others have big anxiety when it comes to approach like you did and we all do. I want to say thanks bro because I no longer do not have any for now at least im sure when i get into action it will be a thrill ride scare but it will soon diminish. But i did keep watching though and when I saw that video 1 demo video on vimeo I understood it all and its sooooo simple. The domino effect is in front of all of our faces, Im sort of doing it right now, we are heading to the climax haha. Confidence is essential its how you get everything in life (believing and doing) and what I’m starting to learn is that you have to look at these women as if they’re dudes!!!!! you cant put them on a pedestal, at least at first. yeah you can complement them but you want to interact with them relax and be able to flow as if you can with anyone and thats how you get them, with a little bit of charm and wit if you got that too. To show your not gay lol Yeah we all get rejected because everyone isn’t for everyone and the romance connection is simply connecting romantically, and getting a girl to pretty much like you. “making her day” leaving her with a smile longer than 15 minutes. I for one definitely know how to connect romantically with women, with humans in general. Its good that you are going to go in deeper depth with this. But yeah man Im just basically explaining to you what I’ve sort of learned/knew but just gotten opened up to really haha and for you I can see like a future Hitch coming on haha your doing your thing man and If i were you I would revisit the old you and remembering your old dream girl, ( i dont know if that still stands with the current you) but man you should be more honest bro with these girls and find a quality good one and settle down with one (your eva mendez ) haha and just keep coaching these alberts. Do work bro! and thanks!

  53. Michael ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    She responded. Date is setup. A part of me feels kind of clueless without the Domino Effect Book…I just feel like I may fuck it up…but I’m going for a close with this girl. I read your blog like crazy tonight.

    Went back as far as 2010 (where you talk about logistics) and also read about how you mentioned you used to be in the Carribean and talk about establishing basic social comfort as a key component of attraction due to racial minority issues.

    I have a lot of mental masturbation to be honest after I read your post on racial minority etc. I do believe in one thing that resonated: long term value (race,looks,etc) and then the romantic tactics. I think when you speak about race you said you always try for social comfort…but it seems to be an indirect method. However you said it has nothing to do with direct, indirect….it’s just about comfort. You’re right. If I dated a black girl, I’d definitely be less comfortable because I mostly have been growing up in America around white girls ALL THE TIME.

    But this also confuses me now. You can’t possibly tell if one particular goth girl only dates goth guys, and what not. So why would this idea of race even come into play and building ‘social comfort’ regardless? Could you elaborate? Also…please do the domino effect. In fact im thinking of skyping with u so i can freaking get the gist of it in 30 minutes…

  54. Michael ⋅

    Justin, is it ever possible for the romantic connection to kind of come off as needy rather than actually ‘romantic’ I’ve been really thinking about this. Romance seems to work but..I mean it seems partly like a relative displayed value and numbers game…

    • it is possible if you are “trying hard” then you can come off needy. The Romantic Connection is a TWO WAY (mutual) situation where you are BOTH on the same page. You BOTH want it. It takes 2 people to CONNECT. So if you are coming off needy, it is because you are NOT connecting with her in that way in the first place.

  55. Michael ⋅

    This kind of relates on some level to the whole Relative Displayed Value in your value vs tactics phenomena. You said some women naturally give you a value and as a stranger you lose points and all this stuff. So is it possible that a girl who has had a bad interaction from dating a complete stranger like 2 weeks ago to being approached by another guy (assume she was in a really bad situation) in a stranger approach, wouldn’t her tendency be to give him incredibly lower value of 0?

    I always think of like a scenario where I miscalibrated. Went to a woman, and she said she never is approached by a stranger and naturally hit on in such a way, that my value skyrocketed. I’m also going to be buying a skype call soon when I get my paycheck – so I cannot wait to speak with you on camera regarding this.

  56. Michael ⋅

    Also – thank you for all your insight and moreover, leaving a mark on dating literature for the young poor sacs like me that just want a connection with a woman. I’ve had success in my social circle, but none of it was by my choice. I was more so paraded around like a trophy and then discarded. This is why I generally just distrust social circles completely.

  57. Michael ⋅

    Day 2 sex close –

    Thank you Justin Wayne.

  58. Young PUA ⋅

    Hey Justin you say that time is essential to get a romantic connection (an hour for beginners) but how are you able to cut it down to under 5 minutes in some of the lay reports and still close the deal is it the quality of the interaction or the quantity (how long it last)

  59. Michael ⋅

    Dear Justin,

    1. How do you practice true indifference? Do you get blown out of a set still? Anytime I see a hot girl, I try to be indifferent to the outcome, but I always find it paradoxical when the seduction community says “Don’t be needy” but initially it is this very need when we see a beautiful “aura” of a woman to talk to her and get her in our beds. I myself wouldn’t care too much if a girl told me to ‘fuck off’ but I find true indifference a challenge of my discipline. When I’m in a conversation and it could end up sour, even though I’m okay walking away from a woman for good – it still gives a tinge of pain inside somewhere – the realization of never being with that girl (which is partly a scarcity complex i think i never realized though i try for abundance.)

    2. Also Justin – how do you factor age into seduction? Everyday I realize one thing I never truly appreciated and most don’t in high school: we are young…but we age each and every fucking day. It’s a scary reality one day I will be unable to do most things. This scares me into action…but I love it. I do wonder though..when I’m older…and I know I want younger women…how will that work. I’m guessing there will just come a point where we all just have to settle sadly? Not everyone can be Hugh Heffner (not that I even want shallow connections).

  60. starlingpua ⋅

    hey man i want to be the u of london seeing as im black and all haha im 19 tho but listen why dont you start doing “how to” videos were you have different subjects on what to do in daygame i.e “how to….escalate in Daygame” and then show deminstrations?

  61. urboii2012 ⋅

    hey justin you were talking about subconscious attraction(hind-brain attraction) into real attraction just want to know what is hind-brain attraction? and is the domino effect converting it to reality?…

  62. zenrude ⋅

    This blog reminds me that the game is part science which reminds me to properly dissociate my results in game to my own self-worth and your boot-camp gave me a good artistic framework the “seemingly” “over the top” body/verbal cues or that work on speaking to the emotional subconscious side of a woman, the how and the what too, well most of it, their is a whole lot of other details, which would probably be in the book.

    My Current sticking point other than mustering up the approach
    Let’s say I am at a mall spitting game to a shop girl, or a girl with friends, parents, what have you What is an effective less socially or physically less obtrusive way of reaching a percentage of romantic connection, I figure to “frame” some sort of verbal acknowledgment (a realization of mutual connection/attraction), justifying her “word” to be solid and have her commit her “frame” to answer my phone call or agree to the date, etc.,?
    I have gotten numbers in a limited amount of time in the past (either due to work or other responsibilities) completing only x amount of the RC but is there a way to get that around that via texts/phone calls I have read and agreed to the instability of phone game, but as a noob a lead is a lead, especially if it’s the only lead I have.
    If the setting of the pick up allots for a limited amount of time/connection what is the amount of time/days between a number to a date, before shit stales out?
    How often would you text/call, is there a model that you use to find out the girl is interested in seeing you again physically?
    Any good day 2 ideas, since my location isn’t exactly littered with walking distance cool/interactive places, my social circle isn’t flourishing with party-makers, and I don’t have any socially proofed areas for dates?
    After the approach and getting the girl on a date, I assume you would I have to restart the whole RC Process over again?
    Are you doing the gotham dating conferance 2012,I saw your name in it?

    • i would focus less on groups and more on individuals. Remember, if you have not mastered closing the deal with lone targets in day game, why do groups? i

      You will waste a lot more time.

      • Azulla ⋅

        I often approach groups. It’s because in my place I hardly find girl who is alone. How is the solution? Isolate her from her groups?

  63. Artist ⋅

    Hey Justin, how tall are you?

  64. Michael ⋅

    hey justin

    was wondering if you can answer my question about true indifference. thx

    • True Indifference (in a game context) is the mindset where you can WANT something without NEEDING it.

      It does not mean that you don’t care about anything. It just means that you want it but not that bad.

      Remember, the only thing that really matters is bottom line results. Forget about all the “ideals” of game. Test things out yourself.

  65. Young PUA ⋅

    Justin in short does emotion escalation and investment in conjunction with physical escalation and investment equate to romantic connection….. And what happens to dates that you dont close do they just flake after the first date or do they just shake off the romantic connection

  66. Justin, have you ever experienced a big girl? I’ve got to know my brother. Props !

  67. William ⋅

    Justin youre my hero, really. i added you on facebook two years ago and already at this time, you had pics with stunning girls and hotties battling for your attention on your wall…i can honestly say that you are the only one who gives a good answer to flakes…I fucking hate phone game, it is too much slippery…where can i get your Domino effect method?

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