Lay Report “Indirect Approach to Instant Date to Number Close to Date to Take her Home”

Spring Game…

I have been getting more demand for Lay Report videos. It seems as if the followers want me to post them more regularly. I just want you guys to know that I am  not only about Lay Reports. Also, It is really tough to record while gaming. Especially due to the fact that I do not game much ( I have scores of local PUA’s in NY who know me and will testify to this ). I would say that I can get decent footage of perhaps 1 out of 5 girls I take home.

It depends on the mood of the girl, the logistics, etc. Some girls are a lot more paranoid. Especially due to the fact that it is their first time with me and I still have to navigate through different forms of resistance. To then focus on getting good shots on top of that is quite difficult. Anyways, here is one for the spring.


Lay Report

The Aura of a Lovely Woman…

I was coaching a 1 on 1 client a few days ago. He chose to do the ultimate training program where I coach him once a week and progressively guide his game. We were focusing on how to do indirect game in grocery stores. We were in Whole Foods that day. Since he already had some decent results with girls that he did not want, we finally decided to raise the caliber of women that he was approaching. He wanted to get the Educated Upper Class hot yet sophisticated white women and that is exactly what we were working on for that evening in the whole foods. I was a bit sick that day and was looking forward to relaxing at hime after the hard days work from both of us.

Anyways, as we were wrapping up, we saw an attractive woman around 5″11 maybe 6″ tall. She had a very confident demeanor and looked like she knows what she is about. From my experiences, these are probably the most difficult type of women to pickup from random stranger approaching. This is mainly due to their options and their wit. I could tell based on the way she was dressed and also the strides in her walk. She is a relatively wealthy woman who is in the medical field, I think she studied Cardiology and is in her early to mid 20’s. She’s into a very healthy lifestyle of exercising and self improvement. She also has honors from her college. She has travelled all over the world and is fluent in 3 languages. She was also coming out of a recent relationship with a very wealthy and notorios man who I will not disclose.

At the park…

As she was walking towards our aisle, I signalled to him. I could feel the fear from his eyes, despite how well he was doing with the less attractive women that he practiced on. Luckily, he had customized material that I created for him. He pretended that we were speaking and then he turned to her and asked an indirect question to her. She then answered. She was polite with him but looked like she wanted to leave. As he spoke, I made sure that I agreed with what he was saying. I also appeared busy and pretending to be looking at the yogurt section. Within less than a minute, she started to ignore him. I saw the socially awkward gaze that he gave me. I’ve been there before, and I always hated it when girls just go silent while trying to strike up genuine conversation. She actually totally ignored him…or should I say us, since we both took part in the opening.

I thought about whether I should give it a shot. Basically, she was in that section anyways looking for yogurt anyways. So after the one minute silence, my client walked away. I then re-opened her by making a statement” this yogurt is AMAZING” then she looked at me, however, I did not look at her. I sensed that for this girl I had to play it very cool and show NO romantic interest. She was already not in that mood. She did not respond to that statement but I just continued talking about it “It’s the healthiest yogurt in this whole store, and yet it taste the best.. that virtually NEVER happens…” She finally grabbed the bait and responded by saying “let me see…” So then I showed her the contents. ( truth is that I was just talking crap, I do not even care for yogurt ). SO we started speaking about yogurt, then I transitioned from Indirect ( the yogurt topic) to Neutral (non sexual rapport). I made sure that the momentum was high before transitioning. I knew that I was walking on a VERY THIN ROPE and that ONE mistake will ruin everything. As I reached to the Neutral phase of the social interaction, I focused on really creating a ‘friendly’ but not ‘nice’ interaction. I tried to make it feel as if we are hitting it off as friends. Just to cast a decent social base before trying to hit on her in any shape or form or she would have rejected me off the bat. ALso, she had two bags in her hand so the logistics seemed a bit out of my favor.


Within about 3 minutes of neutral and social conversation. I then used a tactic to get her to follow me down to another section of the store. I wanted to create social momentum. As she followed me I felt the momentum growing. I finally established the first check point in my Domino Effect. However, I had to figure out a way to deal with the fact that she had to continue shopping. I asked her if she was finished shopping to have an idea of what to do next. She said “I think so”. So then I said, “well I have to go now, let’s just check out together as we talk because I gotta tell you about what happened to me yesterday…” This was a great reason to get her to come with me to the cashier without “lingering” around her. We went to the cashier. This process took about 5 minutes since there was lot of people. Within the 15 minute mark, we were finally outside. Up to this point the conversation was very social which was perfect since I have now created a great social base to then begin PROGRESSIVE FLIRTING. It took literally one minute to transition to flirting and hand holding. SHe had two bags in her hand, so I just took one of her bags in one hand, and then held her hand and continued walking with her down the street. She was blushing heavily. I started to smell the weakness as I flirted with her. Especially when I asked “so do you live around here?” and then she said “yes I live close by, I can show you if you want”. Wait, let me rewind. While we were walking holding hands, I mentioned to her that we should grab a drink  now. So she wanted to take home her bags first which led to her saying I can follow her home while she packs her bags and then she will rejoin me. That’s exactly what we did. I told her to close her eyes, she closed them while smiling, and then I slowly wnet in for the make out. After the make out she looked very bashful.

At this point I knew that I was in. Meaning that she was romantically interested and also trusted me enough to follow her home. If I went direct and used “flashy” game, she would not have trusted me enough yet. SHe then said “I’m sorry, but I have to do something, do you want to meet me infront my apartment in and hour?” So of course i said “umm.. let me see…. sure, my friend Lisa is actually near by, so I’ll hang with her in the meantime”. ( I had to try and preserve my value.. even though this may be marginal, it still adds up in the collective experience of the pick up.  So I basically took a walk while she went up.)


So I then got a text an hr later where she said “I’m soo sorry, I can not come out tonight. Tomorrow? Im really sorry:(. ”

I responded later saying ” Yea, its cool, Lisa wanted to meet you, it’s great over here! sorry you couldn’t come out. WHat time tomorrow can you hang out?”

This text did a number of things, Firstly it shows a positive vibe, secondly it shows that I’m bound to have fun with or without her, and thirdly, I get straight to the point by trying to set the date the next day.

She then responds “Meet me at “x” place at “x” time tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you, you were very charming tonight :)”

I didn’t bother try to guess why she couldn’t come out. That would be simply pure mental masturbation.

She met me the next day. As shown on the video. The date plan was simple. I would take her to a number a places all going towards my apartment. The weather was great that day for spring season. I basically just relaxed with her. All the work was done on day1. All I had to do was relax. She even initiated handholding while we were walking. I knew I was in. We went walking, eating, drinking (coffee) etc. It was like 2 hrs of having fun. I honestly really enjoyed her and she was a very interesting woman. She was both very hot and educated. I haven’t had such great conversation in a long time with a girl on a date.

I basically told her that I will take her to my apartment and try to seduce her. She just laughed and said “your so bad”.

I took her home to my room. She gave little resistance for sex. However, she told me to put away my phone and to take off all the lights. It seemed like she sensed that I have a blog dedicated to this :). I complied since she was very hot naked. I couldn’t help but to think to myself how fortunate I was to create such a powerful technique (The Domino Effect). It get’s me women way out of my league by targeting subconscious attraction. In her right mind she would have never slept with a random guy like me of significantly lower socio-economic status and much less attractive with nothing to offer. She even said “no offense, but I never though I would slept with a black guy before”. She is generally not into them. This is not the first time I heard this. IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ME MORE EASILY, PLEASE CLICK ON THE “FOLLOW” BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THIS PAGE. 

Messing Around…