PodCast Episode 5: “The White Cutie with a “Black Booty”

In this PodCast I am with John Atlas, from the last episode, where I broke down an epic story of how I met one of my past girlfriend from game. It was a struggle from meet to end. However, I used the basic principles of old school game at that time to leverage my situation against all odds. I ended up being in a relationship with her for a year and a half. She even ended up getting a tattoe with my name on it. (I did not tell her to).

Me and My old RoomMate

If there is one thing I do not really talk about is my ability to keep girls around through the extremes of them sharing me with other women and still wanting to stay exclusive for me. This makes it easy for me to be a dating coach and live the way I want to live with about being rich. We speak a bit on this in this PodCast with John Atlas.

A Justin Wayne GirlFriend (Old School)

With hard work and logic understanding, we can achieve many things. I almost feel like retiring, but I want to leave a lasting impact on the dating literature. I know I will because of the results that have been replicated for me and some of my prestigious clients that I would love to brag about, however, I keep their identity unknown due to their wishes since they have professional lives that they would rather keep separate. More on my MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT HERE.

22 responses to “PodCast Episode 5: “The White Cutie with a “Black Booty””

  1. Man , This was great story. I love how you used the DHV’s to create value. She is very hot too. Genius!

  2. hey man i just listened to your latest podcast about the CD its good. I was putting myself in your position and i could see how i would have fucked it up. 1 i would have run out of conversation quickly and 2 i often procrastinate because of nerves. i also noticed how you said you were nervous in some of the situations but you still carried on anyway so i have a few questions. Right now i have no real plan i.e i can get a number in stranger approach but even if there is attraction i end up not calling because i know im likely to run out of conversation let alone interesting converation at that. in the podcast you said you made use of some opinion openers and some DHV story (which was a good idea because it keeps conversational momentum) that you made up. Would you recommend this for guys starting off that want to get good? i felt that if i had literally a few stories and stuff to say i would improve much fast instead of remaining the same. 2 how do you deal with nerves and push through your comfortzone and still make the pick-up succesful? how important is it to have a converation plan? one thing i noticed is that were alot of guys would have been luck this is not going to work out. you used initiative and pulled shit out that noone would think of i,e the cd thing (saying it was the wrong one) this is social intellifience/risk and creativity..how important is this? i need to develop it

    • 1) Stories for conversations –

      stories are always useful for take off to get the girl somewhat comfortable based on the fact that she does not have to bear the conversational burden on herself. However, its also about the type of stories being used. I probably wouldn’t use that story i used on the girl in the video if it was on the streets. Keep in mind that I have been in the Creative Arts for many years prior. I’ve been writing music, making my own comic books etc for years before… so I would be able to make up things much easy than the average.. However, once you have something to talk about (material) you will be fine.

      2) “how do you deal with nerves and push through your comfort zone and still make the pick-up successful?”

      I tried to view it as nothing big. Just a fun game I can try… That makes it easier for me to cope with. Obviously now I would have much more pressure being a dating coach in New York with Everyone having their eyes on me and ‘judging’ my game. However, I’m actually comfortable with it now after having performed in front of many students. I never think, ‘i will be successful’.. I just open and try and stick with a game plan. If it works great, if not, still great for trying and having fun.

      I usually help my clients by offering them the “Material Design” service where I sit down and customize material for them to use in field and on dates. It’s not easy for people to know what to say. In the meantime you can use some of the free resources out there like the old Mystery Method canned material.

  3. ok bro thanks do you know what.. i really want to get good so i may do a skype consultation with you at some point just to get some guidance you know? thanks

  4. Hey Justin what is more important value in terms of street game lifetstyle value or other value like money fitness or looks etc or does each go hand in hand. And i was wondering emotional value is very important but how do you convey the other value (social value, organizing parties, leadership etc) that you guys talk about in time limited street game

    • If you are rich or famous or very well connected… it will be much easier to get women than running street game. Street game is pretty much the most difficult way to pick up women from meet to sex.

      The good thing about learning street game is that it exercises your pick up muscles and you do not have to depends on money or fame.

  5. Hey Justin i was wondering what should a guy who is skinny and average height do to get better success

  6. Hey Justin do you push her away (i dont think it will work. ect) after closing the deal (sex) or do you begin pushing after getting the romantic connection and you notice that you got the upper hand…or at any point?

    • it depends on a few variables… if everything seems smooth enough to sex.. then just close the deal first to get her finally more invested…

      Let’s say sex hasn’t happened yet and she is acting weird or something… then I just pull my self away from her a bit …

  7. Damn i remember in a month i was getting alot of woman but had problems locking them. When you use to game alot did you just let some go that you can not handle…also what is the maximamum amount of woman you locked during your peak of game

    • In the peak of my game… it was 6 girls. ALL new about each other too. It was over whelming.

      Locking them takes time.. its a long explanation that I may have to right a long post about or maybe a podcast.

      Not every girl will stick around however. Some may leave.. depending how you set up the pick up….

  8. I am kind of deep in the game i was reading other blogs about you and they said that your structure is just basic natural game and some of the videos here reconfirms that. So I was wondering as a CRITIC does the domino effect REALLY work (NOT SO SO) and WHY (NOT HOW) because you have had alot success with it

    • People who speak of me do not know my GAME. All they see is just a video and say it’s “BASIC” natural game. Truth is, The Domino Effect was extremely thought out and is superior to the other games taught in the past.The results speak for itself. It’s refined and it got me, “an avg looking minority” extremely high success with women out of my league that I couldn’t even get through social circle.

      Keep in mind, the key to good “structured” game means to make it seems as natural as possible. SO even though my “ramblings” appear natural, I am very scientific on how i navigate my game to get consistent results with girls out of my league from the hardest way to get women. Basic Natural Game is simply a HUGE numbers game which I personally am against since I have no energy nor interest to do countless approaches.

      The Domino Effect is based on scientific and artistic realms. Until the book comes out, people will just have to speculate. If someone sees what I am doing, they will not understand how exactly I’m doing it… It will just look like i took a chance and the girl likes me… But in reality, it is a strong structure built on precision and refined logic..

      ANd please, do not get confused with a pick up STYLE VS STRUCTURE… My personal way of speaking, kino etc is a style… so it may come off very natural to some people. However, the structure is THE DOMINO EFFECT.

      Hope this helps.

  9. JW,

    Thanks for the advice on phone game, text game, and day game. love the insight on not chasing girls…to everyone, Justin Wayne is the Truth. Best PUA coach out there. I did a skype session. Justin is the Truth.


  10. Justin you say you had 6 girls in harem so do you with other girl do just one night stand them or do you just keep them around without putting them in locking process because I kind of feel guilty i might be breaking TOO MUCH girls hearts especially with the combination of social circle and street approaches

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