Justin Wayne – Direct Vs Indirect (Day Game Infield Analysis)

I recently was reading the notorious blog of Heartiste and bumped into the same debate that’s been going on for ages… ‘Direct VS Indirect’ Approaching.

Here were some of my intial thoughts…

Plausible Deniability Direct game is where its at. Actually, there is a huge difference between direct opening and direct game.

Most women do not want to look that easy-to-get. So that will make them say NO to a guy that they would probably have sex with if the social situation seemed more “serendipity-like”. I find this especially true for the Anglo – Speaking women who were brought up under this post-feministic culture.

As long as you are consistently moving forward towards a direct place I think it’s fine.

On a side note, If I stop a girl.. i will say something like “Excuse me…” just to measure her initial level of receptiveness. If she is smiling and seems open, direct works well since she is in a good mood.

If she looks at me in a more formal manner, or like she does not really want to talk, I would go indirect.

Ive had many success from meet to sex with women that gave me the “yuck” look on the “Excuse me” but then the indirect way proved best for establishing some basic social comfort so I can finally hit on her.

I ask that everyone test this theory out. Throw a tester to see like “Excuse me..” see how receptive she looks in that moment. and then choose direct or indirect…

I would say 99% of men who open, already have a set opener in mind without even testing the receptive levels of the woman.

Instead, I would say something like “Excuse me….” and instead of sticking to the direct opener..I will gauge her initial vibe interms of the way she looks at me.. Is she open and happy at that time? is she more in a lost and formal tone?

This greatly affects the game afterwards… Even if she sticks around and listen, if you use the wrong path, it takes off more points than you would like.

For instance, if I throw a tester and notices that she does not look open … If i still go direct, she may stay a little just to be polite, but the vibe drops very fast… She will not want to talk much, It may force me to come across very try hard on a sinking ship. Even ,in the best case, if im lucky enough to get a flakey number, chances are very low that she will see me again.

37 responses to “Justin Wayne – Direct Vs Indirect (Day Game Infield Analysis)”

  1. Justin, you’re one of the reasons I still believe in game. Can you at least give us a tentative date for the book, and what is “the adventures of Justin Wayne”? Will it be part of the book?

    • It will be apart of the package. I am working on the book as we speak. I need it to be as close to perfect as possible. IN late summer the book will be finally available.

  2. I like the distinction you do between direct opening and direct game, I think many guy and myself included who do direct opening fail into trap to continue with indirect and more social type of game that doesn’t lead to much in the end.

    It was very good to see a solid comparison between opening and how to bring game from social to more direct level.

    I noticed your video mentions future products, can you give general idea of when first of you products comes out?

  3. Justin, this is a video that will change the dating community forever.

    You have shown balls and skill. Your success rate is incredible. I have been a Pick-Up Coach for a few years. I use to be an instructor at Love Systems. Just from the very little I’ve seen, your game is above them ALL. (Mystery, Sinn, Savoy, Cajun..and more)

    Firstly, you are able to blow through pretty women with boyfriends seamlessly in Day Game. I have NEVER seen people do it this consistently and still get the girls. Even for handsome white guys this is tough. You are a minority with far less in common. It is weird, it is as if they just get you…

    I would like to hang with you when I’m in NY,

    I will private message you.

    • Wow, Loser coach…Love system doesn’t work….a pick up coach who has to learn about the truth…why would justin want to meet you…your game should already be solid…fraud alert…..

  4. So Justin your bascially saying that you should use the tester calibrate based on her response and then navigate to direct. So basically at the end regardless of what type of approach strategy you use it should end on direct terms?

  5. Hey Justin one more thing why are some of your approaches so aggressive (excuse me come here!) doesnt that kill comfort or does this shows certain value (alphaness etc)

    • Great Question!

      For now on, I urge all the people in the community to stop sticking to ‘ideals’. For example…you asked “Doesn’t that kill comfort?” … This is the ideal that has been created about not being touchy in day game. Just because it is an ‘Ideal’ does not mean it is a fact. The truth is really measured from your RESULT. So if that ‘Ideal’ about “killing” comfort was true, I would not have been able get her that physically invested nor pick her up. Again, the “tester” is used to survey the situation before I engage in that kind of behavior. IN this situation, the aggressive approach worked due to the high emotional impact of the opener. My approaches vary greatly.. It’s all about navigation control.

  6. Great video! I learned a lot, it’s easy for me to establish social comfort, but have been having trouble escalating/flirting to a more direct vibe afterwards on a consistent basis. I was thinking and trying to reverse engineer how I successfully haphazardly did it in the past, in order to do it more consistently, and you come out with this video that shows it happening haha.

    You’re about to murk these charlatans in the game when your product drops. PUA Coach is right, it’s gonna change up the game. It will be measured by higher standards, follow-up date videos will become the norm.

  7. Hey Justin did you fuck close any of those girls in the video. And i was curious is verbal communication as effective as physical communication. With the European girl at the mall you used verbal escalation without the handholding and kiss close…. does that hurt the romantic connection?

    • ALL the examples of girls that have been ‘analysed’ in “The Adventures of Justin Wayne Vol 1” shows from meet to date to bringing them home. It’s the usual standard just like of my All Lay Reports…Actually better quality and sound. Nothing different,same game, same type of girls. You do not have to kiss the girl to get a romantic connection…it’s a nice to have.. but not a MUST have

  8. Hello Justin,

    how do you deal the privacy issue, we can see the women’s faces in your videos (lol). Do you have their permission ? Or is there no law about privacy in usa? (I’m not sure, I’m french).

    Anyway, good job and thanx for bringing proof of what you say you do.


  9. I’m still of the opinion that indirect game reigns supreme.

    Only time I would ever go direct,is if the girl is visibly tuned on and at buying temperature(as in a nightclub setting).

    • yea, as i said in the video.. you can simply through a tester to see how responsive the girl is.. and then you decide which direction to game her in (direct/indirect). Indirect can suck for moving targets in the streets.

  10. what i dont understand is you turn around girls of moderately low interest into lays……consistently

  11. justin im interested in this girl with a bf. i talk to her the phone but there isnt enough interest for her to go out with me. ishe knows im into her we groped and flirted with each other at work but still not that interested. my question is what type of phone game should i run direct or indirect .

  12. Justin has a article where he said you should NEVER chase maybe girls on the phone because you will lose and play a huge numbers game. The KEY he’s been stressing is getting the Romantic Connection from the initial approach

  13. I am kinda new to dis stuff but from my understanding can a tester be like a Hi( to see are initial response) or a Smile ?….

    • My tester would be something like if I see a girl that I like and I want to get over to start a conversation I would start off with this uncanny smile followed by a wink, which I have created just for pick up sake.The purpose of this tactic I have created of my own would most likely captivate her to smile back or perform some form of body language which sometimes would tell me whether I should start a conversation or I should stay the fuck off from this girl…(but please note some body language can be deceiving so you need to have something queued up in place to play that game…)

  14. hey justin, what’s the best way to get into the eskimo kiss? do you say to her, “have you heard of eskimo kissing?”

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