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Fuck Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is a time in the year for business to make money and all men must put their women on pedestals. This supports the whole feminist movement to spoil our modern day brainwashed women. I can’t really blame them. Truth is, men do not care about Valentines day, we only do it to make our lovers happy. 

I try to find some middle ground in my relationships, however, i never liked valentines day. Valentine’s Day, like any other holiday, expects you to act different on that one time per year. WOmen expect you to act like you are some romantic sap with flowers and a fiddle while crying out your unconditional love for them while they sit down and just watch.

Anyways, enough with my ranting for now. Here is a conversation with one woman I was dating on and off. Notice how I put her in her place and then she thanks me for it.SHe realized that Valentines Day was actually driving us further apart due to its “expectations” for men to be super romantic that day. SHe is Light Blue and I am  the purple bubble.

Lost in The Valentine’s Day Syndrome….


These guys are so true about Valentines Day

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6 responses to “Fuck Valentine’s Day

  1. Sensual ⋅

    HILARIOUS !!! The girl is hot though

  2. Martial ⋅

    I hate this holiday. Well the worst part is that you still have to work.

  3. bogspua

    The funniest thing about Valentine day that the effort should be equal, yet women expect guy to do all the work while they sit on their asses and later on brag to they girl friends about where guy took her and what gifts she received.

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