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8 responses to “First Time Kiss with Perfect Stranger

  1. Sensual ⋅

    Great Video guys. I think i will try an apply this to my date

  2. london ⋅

    Cool story

  3. E Honda ⋅

    Hey Justin,

    Its good to know that there are other people that can implement what you are doing. That is what really impresses me

  4. KD ⋅

    Hey Justin nice info. I was wondering what happens when a women shows up on the date with friends what do you do

  5. I try not to get there in the first place. OR, just have fun with both. If im meeting in day time, I’d probably chat for a bid, and focus on winning the friend over so that can increase my chances of her friend influencing my target that im a cool guy. In most cases, if i know she wants to bring a friend in the first place i’d reschedule, or just let her go

  6. KD ⋅

    Cool. And Justin you say you dont try to go out for the full makeout during the initial interaction but this guy went over the top (neck kissing etc). Can you explain why and under which circumstances where it is appropriate for a full makeout and times which is good for a eskimo kiss

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