The Justin Wayne Podcast: Episode 3 – “No-to-Yes Girl Breakdown”

Hey Guys, this post is long overdue. This was already on the Lay Report page. However, I need to post every single PodCast on this blog so they can all be in the Podcast menu for this blog.

Look out for the next PodCast where I will go in depth about the community from my view and what I feel is the best way to get women. 

and the lay report with the video is the same one thats already been posted but I’ll put it here for new readers. 

And the full lay report is here :  


23 responses to “The Justin Wayne Podcast: Episode 3 – “No-to-Yes Girl Breakdown””

  1. As usual, great content mate! I love the way you break down these meet to sex lays. I was really curious to know how you picked her up, she was hot

  2. Bravo. Extremely well done podcast. Very clear, informative and funny as hell. You’re starting to show your “otherside” lol. Kudos to your boy too as a co-host. He asked a few questions and let you get your message out. You’ve improved a lot.

    You really broke that pickup down to the T.

    When is your book coming out?

  3. Having watched closer your videos and your lay reports, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems girls who you are able to close the deal during cold-approach seems to be all quite slender, sending off a very feminine vibe, do you think that based on certain physical features, you can pre-select the target and tell yourself that “Oh, this girl seems to be quite potential”? Years of experience must make your target selection skill much better than an inexperienced apprentice, right?

    • The type of girls I get in the Lay Reports are a small percentage of the girls I’ve been with in my normal day-to-day life. About me choosing the type of girl, I usually (these Days) go for any race of girl in her prime. They are usually ambitious like college girls or even young career oriented women. I usually like girls that are thin to avg built. I do not really like chubby girls that much. However, If i decided to lower my standards or change up, other girls are actually easier to get form meet to sex, Actually the girls I get now are actually the toughest girls for me to close in general. Older women or less effeminate women have always been easier for me since they get less attention and are more in-tune to what they want. Easier does not mean EASY. 🙂

      About me sizing up girls before approaching, I simply just go for the more attractive girls on that particular day. I often have no idea how its going to go. Sure I can look at outside logistics like if she is walking fast or slow. However, I can’t tell until we start talking.

  4. What’s your advice on approaching girls from behind? This is kind of tricky for me since doing that may scare her off and throw her away.

    • I usually try not to touch them unless they are listening to music… i will just speak loud if im coming from behind… or sometimes just walk infront of them then turn around and open them. It works if you do it in such a way that does NOT appear that you are chasing her

  5. justin wayne i would like to know what your regular freinds think about your abilities with women. if they dont know about this site are they mindfucked when they see you with so many different girls? or even if they dont know about you and this, when you hear them talk about girls in maybe a chode way do you like think how far away you are from them??

    • That’s a good question.

      I have different friends. The ones I grew up with have a general idea that I love women. However, I do not really talk about it when we hang out. I would say I am a dating coach, but I do not go into details. They just assume that I give general dating advice like

      Also, with in my close family and friends, I have one girlfriend who is my main girlfriend who I’ve been with for almost 3 years. So they mostly just meet her. I do not bring random girls to my close friends and family.

      Other ‘buddies’ I have that are womanizers, to some degree. They are cool guys that play the numbers game under social circle or semi-social circles and random ass occasionally from night game. I mostly hang out with them at nights. I do not talk about what i do nor do I show them the blog. I do not want to create unnecessary jealousy.

      I then have the PUA buddies. These guys know my deal and the site. Some guys are inspired, some guys envy, some guys use what I do to improve their game.

      • To add a little to this point,I find that a lot of fellow PUA’s are somewhat jealous when a dude’s blog blows up.

        I follow mad PUA blogs,but it’s most AFC’s and women who follow mines or interact.While the community guys act all stuck up.

  6. Targets Boyfriend: Shit my hot white girlfriend just cheated on me with an average looking black guy this dude must have game!!!

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