The ‘Justin Wayne’ Podcast: Episode 2- “Truth on Motivation”

One of the most talked about things in the ‘pick-up’ world is the issue of motivation. Many people complain about not sustaining motivation to handle the ups and downs in learning how to stranger approach. This was just an interview Podcast with me talking about what motivates me. Any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below. ALSO, WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?



24 responses to “The ‘Justin Wayne’ Podcast: Episode 2- “Truth on Motivation””

  1. Justin,
    You mention Krauser.
    His take on kino is to not do very much and rely on verbal game. What’s your take on kino escalation? I get the impression that you go heavy. Why might this be better than verbal game.

  2. Justin, loving your blog man. I like the honest attention you give to address all your commenters’ questions, really like the personal touch.

    I’m interested in your feedback on Roosh V’s day game model. He recently released a day game book and his approach is radically different from yours.

    Here’s what he suggests:

    “In conclusion, open on a neutral prop that you talk about for at least two minutes. Drop big bait until she asks a personal question, then get to know her with both playful and serious questions. Finally, get her number. Easy, right?”

    As a day game pro I think you could give us an honest perspective on whether this actually works. Thoughts?

    • Again, the ONLY way to get consistent sexual relationships via stranger approaching is by generating a romantic connection before parting ways.

      I think if Roosh defines picking up a girl by talking to her and simply asking for her number, then its easy… I define a good pickup by getting a romantic connection with her in the end (which results in sex)… not a mere social one. I do agree with going in with something neutral in those situations though in terms of simply opening.

      But Any person who has got a good amount of number before know that this is not the case and they all end up flaking or get a very small amount of dates that go no where.

  3. Man Justin your shit is deep most people dont speak that reality shit you be kickn. Doesnt to much motivation hurt your vibe. And not for you to sell out your years of discovery but can you give the 4 stages of flirtation model in just a couple WORDS without giving REAL details cause that wud be helpful

    • The flirtation model can not be discussed for mainly this reason… The information must be delivered to near perfection… So in the book It will be perfectly stated.. if i say a small idea of what it is, many people will be VERY fast to assume they know what to do and assume the wrong thing of it.

  4. yo justin what do u think about flirting very hard or making a move on a women in front of her friend or do u have girls that mind or do not mind your making a move

  5. Hey Justin i got a question…. why is it that when you get a woman to your house it seems like the game starts all over again EX. you got to get her comfortable, throws alot of shields, brings up boyfriend etc

  6. Justin you touch upon that validation is bad in a sense however a little bit wont hurt you…. so how would you know if validation is defining your motivation—or in other words when is validation or seeking it a bad thing

  7. Validation seeking is when you are doing it for the primary reason of validation. Whereas, validation to some degree is still needed to help motivate us. It is healthy when a man does it for validation and to mainly satisfy his sexual and romantic desires. As long as validation is not the primary reason, you’ll be fine.

  8. I used to looked at hot girls pic and I would imagine myself being with that hot chick, but then i realize that looking at those pics without any action aint go get me anywhere.. so for this reason I decided to go out and get those girls instead of living this imaginary lifestyle (anyway I learn some of your games including the domino effect which I would Incorporated into my game thanks man)

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