The Justin Wayne Podcast: Episode 1

Whats up Bro’s

I decided to have a Podcast series covering a wide array of different topics. This is a pick up in 2009 when I was still battling with the ‘girls with boyfriends’ in day game.

And of course the proof lay report for the JW Members:

Oh yea… 

Merry Christmas

28 responses to “The Justin Wayne Podcast: Episode 1”

  1. so justin even back then you could keep pick up conversations for as long as 10 minutes? can you tell me what type of questions you ask because that is my sticking point. what on earth do you say

    • ideally, you can talk about any topic, just use passion. Some topics will include the basics like where is she from. Depending on your style of initial game, you can simply just talk about whatever she is into. Even if you do not know much about it, just talk about say what you feel… For example if she says she does ballet… you can say “im no ballet expert, but i think its kool how the girls have to stand directly one their toes. I remember when I saw that movie black swan, I became more aware of it….(and you continue)”.

  2. Nice podcast. Your counterpart is not helping it much with all the yelling and laughing though. He does ask a FEW good questions.
    It appears that he’s making you talk faster responding to his buffoonery, and it’s harder to understand what you’re saying – but I got the jist of it.

    Sometimes your music levels are much higher than your voice on the videos and its difficult to hear what’s being said, but I still like your videos much better than the other lame ones that I’ve seen.

    I appreciate the free content – just letting you know from my perspective.

    I like your style because it’s natural and different from the other PUA robots out there.

    Why are some of your videos private and not viewable? They were always viewable before.

    Do you have any other pickup videos out there or in the works?

    They are very informative and I must admit – entertaining as well.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your input. Yea I will work on the fast speaking and also keep it a bit shorter the next time around. I do tend to ramble a bit 🙂 Also, some infields are private for more personal students since there is a bit more explicit footage involved and also as a learning tool.

      I am currently working on infield footage with audio from meet-to-sex to illustrate how game looks in action when it really works ( meaning up to a sexual relationship.) Stay tuned.

      • Ok…got you, about the private videos.

        Your ramblings are cool…I think your boy was a little too wild, ’cause even you were telling him to focus…lol.

        Anyway, that aside – I’ll be looking forward to your new videos.

        BTW…I fully agree with your approach. Getting numbers is a joke. It’s a last ditch effort or a formality after you’ve hooked up with the girl. You have a much better chance of succeeding if you push the interaction as far as possible
        right then and there when the fire is hot.

        One last thing…ever see girls you know you should approach and you keep vacillating in your mind whether or not to, and the next thing you know – she’s gone?

        Sometimes that happens to me, and other times I’ll blurt anything out, just to get something going. Anything you do that kinda kicks yourself in the ass to open up your mouth?

        Thanks for responding.

    • she transferred to a different college and had to move out of NY. Also, she was not my main girl so I did not have the energy to try and maintain her as she would deserve or demand.

  3. Honestly this the podcast PUA community needs: laid back down to earth funny but informative shit. That guy who comment above just seems to not get the playful vibe (no disrespect). Can you keep these style of podcast coming the other on the domino effect was to serious make more like dis one

  4. Justin, loving your blog man. I like the honest attention you give to address all your commenters’ questions, really like the personal touch. 

    I’m interested in your feedback on Roosh V’s day game model. He recently released a day game book and his approach is radically different from yours.

    “In conclusion, open on a neutral prop that you talk about for at least two minutes. Drop big bait until she asks a personal question, then get to know her with both playful and serious questions. Finally, get her number. Easy, right?”

    As a day game pro I think you could give us an honest perspective on whether this actually works. Thoughts?

  5. justin can you describe what ‘vibe’ is. i hear that vibe carries the interaction. how do you improve your vibe so that your pickups are more effective

  6. Justin,
    I love the podcast. A caveat though is that your buddy needs to tone it down a bit. He came off as a bit immature ( even if this isnt the case) and out of sync with you.
    A lot to be learned from an analysis of this one pickup. Even if the interaction doesn’t seem to be going well plow through anyway and see what she’s willing to do.

    Keep ’em coming. I look forward to hearing more and the book as well.

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