Meeting Women in New York : Myth Defied

9 responses to “Meeting Women in New York : Myth Defied”

  1. I agree with this. I am from New York and it is hard approaching locals on the streets or even in clothing store. You get nothing but flakes. You must be very good to get those kinds of results buddy

  2. Justin, you say that LA women were more receptive to street game. I fully agree because when I went to New York it felt way harder with the local NY women. Even if they talk to you, the are always trying to leave.

  3. Finally, a new yorker’s blog. I see this on the DayGame forum. I moved to NY a few years ago, how do you do it?? The hotter local women are very difficult in cold approach.

  4. Hey Justin i see that your very discrete with your material. Is there any way we can just purchase the domino effect. Cause you really not giving alot of information on it

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