Younger Women VS Older Women (Which is harder???)

Many people have asked me the difference between getting younger women and older women. Firstly, I would like to define the age ranges…

Younger Women
Older Women

Younger Women further defined…

Younger women are generally considered between the ages of 15 – 30. Obviously, this depends on your country’s age limit for consensual sex. For example, in New York State, the age limit is actually 17 years old. Any younger is against the law. Basically, a younger women is considered young until there a visible signs of aging and is also has the mindset of settling down and getting a family with a partner they love. For argument sakes most women tend to start visibly and mentally aging at 28 on average. Again this is an estimate.

Younger women in their ‘PRIME’:

 Women in their prime usually are in the range of 18 – 24. In a woman’s prime, she is at the perfect physical stage and age potential for any man. It is a known fact of the ages that men inherently want women in their primes. From a biological standpoint this is the age they are most ‘ripe’. Anything younger is still a bit too fresh… anything older is slowly going down hill in that area. Remember, this is in General information. Some women actually look better when they as they age. However, internally their biological clock will be ticking.

Women between ages of 25-30 are in no way considered ‘old’. The main difference is that they begin to have a mindset change towards dating and starting has relationships that are stable. Also, they no longer unlimited options in their social circles since they are no longer in colleges and have to work.

Older Women Defined…

Older Women are generally considered to be of the ages of 30 and beyond. They may begin to visibly age at this time or they may be mentally ready to settle down as their biological clock starts ticking and they make more of a conscious decision to meet men and begin a family or simply settle down with a secure partner.

Let’s examine the mentality of younger women and older women.

Firstly, let’s begin with the mindset of older women..

Some men feel like older women are more difficult to get because older women are smarter and already had fun in their teens and twenties. Before I give my opinion on this, there are a few things to consider:
–       Older women know that they have less time before settling down since their market value lowers as they age.
–       Older women begin to realize that they get far less attention as they use to be.
–       Even if an older women looks like she is in her twenty’s she still is very much aware that she has to get kids soon or else she will risk menopause.
–       Older women tend to be more decisive than a flakey young girl with a bunch of options.
–       Older women are in fact more in touch with their sexuality compared to younger women who do not know what they want in life or in sex. Hense, older women get orgasms easier. Do your research.
–       Older women miss the attention from young men, so they appreciate an effort more than younger women.
–       Older women are less picky
–       Older women have much smaller social circles, and the quality of social circle is not filled with as much ‘options’ as a younger girl’s social circle who is in college and has a bunch of young friends .

Let’s examine the mindset of younger girls who are generally attractive; particularly the ones in their ‘prime’:

–       ONE MAJOR point is that young girls are in huge/closely knit social circles. Firstly, if she is attractive, both girls and guys will want to befriend them.
–       Younger women know that they ‘have time’ and can be as picky as they want to be.
–       They are less in touch with their sexuality.
–       They get bored easier since they have guys always trying to get them in some way or another.
–       They do not know what they want.
–       They have access to any man they want (if they are attractive) from older wealthy men to the coolest young guys available.
–       They are more ‘flakey’. This means that they are less likely to keep to their word when it comes to making plans to meet them again. (Unless you created a Romantic Connection with them before parting ways in the initial interaction)
–       They can know they are greatly desired.
–       They are more ego driven, hence they would lead guys on who they have NO intention of sleeping with just to brag to their other friends.
–       Younger women are more predisposed to them feeling nervous and socially awkward to men that are of a different race, age, culture, or ethnicity than what they are familiar with.


When it comes to stranger approaching, I noticed that most men have an easier time getting older women. Truth is, even though the older women know what you are up to, they do not care. They are more decision oriented. Younger women in their prime are the opposite. Younger girls may appear flirtier, but that is because of them being more in touch with their childhood. However, seeming flirty does not guarantee true romantic interest. The only way to measure that is by actually going all the way with her naked in your bed.

Here is the main reason why younger women in their prime are more difficult to get and keep.

Girls between the ages of 18-24 are mostly in college or they are connected with people from their high school. The power of a young women’s social circle is a HUGE threat to a random stranger who approaches her with romantic intent. Firstly, younger women in their prime have TONS of options within their social circles. Secondly, the value of a man in a woman’s social circle will be much higher than a man who is not apart of her circle of friends. Again, at quick glance, a woman would rather date a guy who is a 7/10 in her social circle than meeting a guy on the street who is a 10/10. This has been proven every single time. I know this from asking tons of women and seeing this first hand. I also did a survey on this a few years ago. This is why once a girl in her prime has circle of decent friends… it is tough to get to her. Especially the prettier she is, the more people want her around. Even girls who come from other countries or states will quickly get into a decent social circle sine they are attractive and in their prime. (Assuming that they came here to live).

Older Women’s social circles are much different than a younger woman’s circle of friends. Firstly, most of the friends of a older woman will be older and already settled down. Also, the social circles are much smaller as they age. Think about it. Where as in a young girls social circle, everyone is constantly dating each other and all of them are also in their prime.

This is why some people say that local girls seem more difficult to get than tourists. Well based on the things I said above, of course they will be. When I say ‘get’ the women, I mean from meet-to-sex. I do NOT mean getting phone numbers or drunken bar sex. One thing to note, I would rather bang a hot tourist than a mediocre local.

About foreign young women in their prime… Here is the truth, if a foreign woman comes to LIVE in your country, she will quickly get a social circle and become just as difficult to get as a local girl will. Why? Because she is hot and has a circle of friends already with whom she can meet more friends and also potential boyfriends.

Let’s not forgot how influential younger woman are from their friends. I know girls who have dated guys just because their friends recommended. Friends NEVER recommend dating strangers.

This is the reason why the BEST LOOKING PICK-UP ARTISTS tend to have great trouble getting sexual relationships with young girls in their prime. They mostly get their women in very late 20’s and early 30’s. I took notes. It is especially difficult when they already have a social circle with their dream boyfriend. Even if you got her number, to actually see her again and have sex with her will be difficult.

Here is an example of a younger girl in her prime…

A Justin Wayne X-Girlfriend
Her Closely-knit 'Social Circle'

She is actually an old girlfriend of mine that I picked up in the Park of Union Square in 2009. It was a tough pick-up from meet-to-sex seeing that she was so busy with her life. She was 18 that time, very distracted, and was in a relationship with the frat guy in her college. She was part of her college sorority so she was already having too much things going on. The ONLY way I was able to pick her up, meet her again, make her get rid of her boyfriend that her friends loved, and make her go against her friends terrible opinions about me being a ‘stranger’ was by creating a romantic connection with her that was pretty much unbreakable.

Her 'social circle' boyfriend who I took her from…

This will be broken down in depth in my Lay Report Section; there will be video proof AS USUAL. I will have that story in my new Lay Report Section, which I will do next week. It will break down the past two girls and exactly what I did during the initial interaction since I’ve been getting a lot of request to further explain.

Update: ‘Throw-Back’ Lay Report Vid-HERE

39 responses to “Younger Women VS Older Women (Which is harder???)”

  1. Hey Justin Amazing insights. Your a strange guy… from a man who had to endure a hard journey and developed one of the most authentic structures to game… $250–800 for a bootcamps that’s crazy. Mediocre PUAs in Toronto are charging 1500 for one day. Even Krauser charges 500 a weekend and he been gaming for only about 2 and half years with outdated Mystery Method . You need to charge ALOT more for you bootcamps

  2. Hey Justin so basically if an older woman isn’t wearing a wedding ring (or single) its fair Game and you have a greater numbers game of getting her?

  3. Hey Justin i was wondering what is minimium amount of approach (200, 300 etc) a intermidate must do to be able to use the Domino effect and see basic success

    • I have never counted to be honest, so i do not want to make an assumption and confuse people. I am taking my time before releasing The Domino Effect Manual plus video break-downs. I want to ensure I understand how to get my students the great results.. Results always vary depending on the guys willingness to learn, his background, the type of girls he approaches, the situations he approaches in, etc…

  4. Hey Justin, you make it sound as if day game isn’t worthwhile. For the amount of investment required the return is low.

    Isn’t night game in bars and clubs a better option? It’s a socially appropriate venue to run game, and one can argue that at least the women there to meet men and have sex – just with the right guy.

    Wouldn’t yield 500 night game approaches yield far more lays than 500 day game approaches?

    • Day Game Is worthwhile if you get it to work properly.. the return is very HIGH for me now in terms of the amount of time and work I invest ( open-to-sex) ratio. Plus the quality of girls are nicer…

      I remember getting a lot of night game lays where most of the chicks where two points lower in the morning when you see them in day light… Most of the hottest and highest quality (non-slutty) girls do not go to the clubs often…

      However, for intermediate guys, Night game may be better just to rack up lays of lower quality girls…

      Its all about how you go about it…

  5. You’ve put into words why I stopped cold approaching much at my campus, and go elsewhere despite it having lots of cute girls. Looking forward to the break down.

    • yea, i used to think gaming girls in college campuses was harder, but it was not that. It was simply because they are in their prime and have their friends that have a strong influence on them.

      For instance, if you try to pick up a college girl on the street, it will be just as difficult to see her again and have it lead to sex due to their social circle that they already have that is closely knit.

      they will always have a social circle with guys they would choose over you in a split second just by them being associated with their posse/circle.

      Even foreign girls that come to live will be the same interms of difficulty.. its not because they are anglo or something else,, its simply becasue htey have too much things going on

      … So thats why its hard to get them in their prime when they live in your country. Plus their friends influence is a huge thing… i will expand on “friends influences” and what i do to handle it in another post.. good idea..

  6. “This is the reason why the BEST LOOKING PICK-UP ARTISTS tend to have great trouble getting sexual relationships with young girls in their prime”

    Hey is this typo? Can you explain why also?

      • It can work for a good looking guy of course, it’s just that a girl will prefer to date an avg joe in her social circle than a hot guy she met from the street.. So the competition with the guys in her personal life is tough; even for a very handsome stranger.

  7. Justin, playing devil’s advocate here…

    I think you may be overstating things. You write as if every hot 20 year old is surrounded by a huge social circle of frat guys and athletes trying to holler at her. This might be true of the party girl at a huge state school with a big hookup scene but it’s not true for every girl.

    What about the normal, cute girls? There are a lot of somewhat shy, lonely young college girls because they don’t go out much. They major in 80% chick programs like psychology and don’t meet a lot of new guys. Assuming you’re better than any of the guys in her immediate social circle, aren’t these fish easier to net?

    I live in a mid-sized city. I know the local college campus well – it’s my alma mater. It’s well regarded for it’s Math and Engineering programs – lots of geeks. There’s no frat scene or varsity sports scene – no athletes or frat boys. These two factors level the playing field significantly for the average guy. For the experienced enterprising player, it’s a goldmine for pussy. The girl I’m banging now is a girl I met from a day game cold approach at my alma mater.

    • good debate…

      Well I was not talking about “party girls” and I think you are mixing up the ‘example case study’ that I did with that one girl I picked up who was with a frat guy with what I was talking about in general.

      Everything I say or write about will be “in general”, meaning that people STILL GET LUCKY, from time to time, but it is the exception, not the rule. So yes, there will be times when a guy will finally get lucky in his life and have all the right things… but how much times will this happen for him??

      Even ‘shy’ foreign girls that come to live in a country may be in a language school where she meets other friends there who are doing the same thing. If she has a decent small social circle established, it will be tough just as it would be with a party girl who has a party social circle, or a model girl ,with a modeling social circle. Remember they meet guys through their friends if not who are actively in the group.

      The point is, if you get her number, it is a lot less likely that she will want to see you again and try to date you if she considered you a “random stranger”.

      The less of a stranger you are, the better your chances

      Even with girls with smaller social circles, they would still prefer to meet guys in their own school or their tiny little program than a full fledged stranger on the street.

      The example you are showing me appears to be a Warm Approach as opposed to a cold approach since you guys are in the same school, you can see her over and over again, even if she rejected you on the first time, you still have that privilege.

      Its a lot more different when the girl is on the street. If you met her the way you did, its still good non the less, but it is considered Warm approach, while she still psychologically will identify that she met you “in school”. And yes, the smaller the school, the easier it is for her to identify you as being in her social sphere… but it is NOT cold approach.

      Hope this clears things up.

      • Thanks Justin.

        It’s true that I met her on a college campus; however I’m a recent graduate and no longer attend that school. Because I look young, girls just assume I’m a student. In this case I stopped her to ask for directions to a building on campus, ran my 10 min routine stack, number-closed, and set up a date over the phone for the following week. Got the full-close after 3 dates.

        I’ve had my best success with cold approaches on college campuses. Girls feel “safe” on a college campus because it’s a closed environment free from “creepers”, “sketchballs”, “randoms” etc. I’ve even had girls walk me to my destination when I’d stop to ask for directions – this would never happen from a cold approach on the street.

        For younger guys I strongly recommend college campus game vs. street game for day game. There’s less of a “stranger danger” mentality as girls will assume you go to the same school and this will give an in.

      • Yea, and you went to the same school at some point so you can use your familiarity to help you out.

        By the way, I am not saying that stranger approach is the best option, its only the best option if you are very efficient at it and you get the type of girls you want from it. Until that happens, it should not be your best option…

        About college, it depends on how large the college is. I’ve been to NYU before and it is HUGE. So even if you are a student there, they will still regard you as a random dude non-the-less, and since you are not in their immediate circle of friends, it’s harder. In smaller colleges it should be easier to “engage” them.

        Also, you mentioned that you look young… so for young looking guys going to smaller colleges it may be easier to interact with them as opposed to random day game in public areas. However, there are still a lot of people that complain about college game like “SuperManPua” and i think it is because of colleges he goes to are rather large since he is from my home town in Washington DC.

        Congrats on your victory by the way. It’s good to know that game brought you back something.

        PS. Street approaches for girls who are walking and have things to do is the hardest from meet-to-sex due to the bad logistics and potential lowering of value on the approach due to the mere fact that you cab ‘appear’ to be chasing her for something you want.

  8. Good point Justin. When I discussed college campus day game, I meant a standard mid-sized campus in a college town where the kids live in dorms/student housing, not a big urban commuter campus. The dynamics there are totally different.

    Guys also need to choose their targets wisely. Don’t chase after the varsity athletes or the sorority sluts. For every attention-whoring peroxide blonde skanking it up at the clubs every weekend, there’s just as many girls spending their weekends working on their lab report or staying home watching Twilight. They don’t go out much because they’re sick of immature frat dudes and lame inexperienced dorks. They hop on the bus, go to their 80% chick lectures, study at the library, get involved in a club or play some intramural sport, and hop on the bus back home.

    These girls aren’t meeting a lot of new guys. They’re the cute innocent “good girls” with tight little 20 yr old bodies who haven’t grown calloused (yet) from being pumped and dumped by multiple players. Some of these girls are looking for boyfriends, and all these girls WILL drop their panties for a smoothtalker with game. These are the girls you want to meet through day game.

    • I agree. Like I mentioned before, the reason I do random stranger-approach day game is because the of the higher quality girls (a.k.a the non-slutty girls) who are not the party shanks who can be found in a bar doing night game. That’s the whole purpose for me.

      However, that does not mean that every hot girl that’s dated a player is a banged out slut. The girl in the example was dating a playa and I still took her virginity despite her being the ‘it’ girl.

      So even the girls that are not party whores will give a hard time for a stranger. They will still w a few people and can meet guys through friends occasionally. If it wasn’t the case there would be no need for learning game or paying escorts or looking at porn and pick up would be easy 🙂

      Even slutty girls in social circles give strangers hard time.

      You have a good analytical mind. I look forward to transferring thoughts with you in future of this new blog.

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. Justin,

    I understand where curious day gamer is coming from. I went to the University of Maryland right outside of DC. It’s a lot tougher to game in a large university with a lot of Frat dudes and athletes. Community colleges and schools with less greek life/sports are better for the average guy.

    Your posts really hit home for me. Flaking was really tough for me to deal with. Looking back i’ve had most of my success with tourists, recent transplants and Au Pairs. And the reason is probably because they don’t have large social circles.

    Those seem to be the best targets for stranger approaching. What do you think?

    • Yes they are better but you can not tell before you approach. The problem is that most of the hotter girls that I approach end up being taken or are local so I had to figure out a way to get those girls… and the only way to CONSISTENTLY get hot girls with social circles and boyfriends is via establishing a ROMANTIC CONNECTION before parting ways in the initial interaction. If you do not you will play a HUGE numbers game since there are so many factors against her seeing you again and wanting to actually sleep with you even if she does meet you again because it was convenient. There is no other way… Ill probably define a romantic connection in a post so people can properly understand it. CBasically by the end of the interaction, she should feel like you are a boyfriend… to a basic degree.

    • Day gamers must understand the social dynamics of the environment in which they’re gaming – it’s as important as your game itself.

      I live in a mid-sized college town. There are two major colleges. The contrast in the social scene across both campuses is like night and day.

      Let’s call them Campus A and Campus B.

      I know Campus A well – it’s my alma mater. It’s well regarded for it’s Math and Engineering programs – lots of geeks. There’s no frat scene or varsity sports scene – no athletes or frat boys. These two factors level the playing field significantly for the average guy. For the experienced enterprising player, it’s a goldmine for pussy.

      The campus is about 40% white / 40% Asian / 20% Indian. Social circles are somewhat academically and ethnically segregated.The Asians and Indians overwhelmingly major in Math / Engineering / Science. The FOB Asians and Indians date other FOBs. The cool Asians and Indians date other cool Asians and Indians.

      The white guys major in Engineering and Math mainly, though there’s a handful in other faculties. Most of the white guys are geeks. The ones with girlfriends date the FOB Asian girls from their lectures.

      The white girls on campus major overwhelmingly in Arts (psychology, sociology, history etc.) The Arts faculty is about 80% female. WHO ARE ALL THESE GIRLS BANGING?

      Most of the Asian/Indian guys on campus are unacceptable, and the few cool Asian/Indian guys are banging their hot co-ethnic girlfriends from their social circle. That leaves white guys, but they’re mostly Math/Engineering geeks with no game.

      Which means there’s a huge shortage of acceptable guys for these white girls to date. Which means there are a LOOOOT of lonely horny young white girls on this campus begging to be picked up. These girls will drop their panties readily for a smoothtalking player with tight game.

      Campus B has a very different social dynamic. Bigger varsity sports scene, bigger frat presence. 90% white. Lots of school pride, more of a party school reputation. Lots of good looking girls, but also lots of athlete types and good looking dudes to compete with. If she’s halfway decent and not a recluse she’s got good looking young college guys hollering at her in her social circle. She’s vain and superficial and cliquey wants a guy who’ll make all her friends jealous. The guy has to be near the top of her social hierarchy and fit the ideal mold – tall, muscular, white, frat guy/athlete. The further you deviate from this mold, the harder it will be to get in with her. As a non-college guy who exists outside this hierarchy you’re SOL you’ll have a hard time penetrating this scene.

      I wondered why I was having so much more success with day game on Campus A than Campus B, despite spitting the same game. Once I began to figure this out, everything else fell into place. It wasn’t necessarily me, it was the environment. Basically, on Campus B I was competing with a bunch of high-value guys, on Campus A I was competing with noone.

      Campus A girls proved much easier to get with and less of a pain in the ass to date and bang. And a naked skinny tight-bodied 20 year old is still a naked skinny tight-bodied 20 year old with the lights out.

      • Brilliant analysis.

        I am glad that you can appreciate some of my past struggles with getting the Varsity type college girls by meeting them on the street and having to go through a lot of bullshit.

        After i found The Domino Effect, it really was a breath of fresh air. It made ALL the changes. It was like no matter the girls situation, I was able to successfully meet them again, have sex with them on 1st date, and then make them a fuck buddy or girlfriend in my harem if I wanted them.

        So the good news is that I did NOT fit into the Varsity girl’s ideal guy. I was a random black dude on the street of NY. Some may think T’m a drug dealer depending on their race and upbringing due to stereotypes.

        In short, establishing a Romantic Connection, via The Domino Effect, with any women before hand dramatically increases your chances of getting sex. I mean like more that half [ and I’m being extremely modest here ].

        After getting good at it, you won’t have to worry about joining or trying to create social circles and online dating just to get the girls you want.

        Sent from my iPhone

  10. The new vid is private only. How do you view it? Tbh Justin, did you have more success with night game or day game?

    • The video is only for certain JW clients for now… it will be there temporarily. I had more success in night game at first in my normal life… After a while I was curious about day game and gave it a shot. After that I came good at day game. When I went back to night game it felt even easier. It really depends on my mood.

  11. Hey Justin in one of the video you said not treat the approach as strangers so in basic terms how would you approach comfort (without sounding like a stranger) so do you still ask the where are from, and what is your background questions etc

  12. Hi Justin, from Australia here. i love your work and the fact that you’re showing solid proof on how you succeed. i’ve been following and reading your posts since mid last year. I really love the concept of romantic connection and i believe that that can work apart from having good looks, showing value or wealth which in turn will help the confirmation of day 2s. You are right, it’s a numbers game and even now using my own style i only get 1 lay every month. i get lots of kisses in clubs a week but that is not really applicable in day game.

    my question is. how can you be indifferent and at the same time build romantic connection? i mean i see the logic but i think i need to practice that type of inner game. coz showing romance touches on love and self (in my opinion) and when you are indifferent, it’s totally the other side of the coin. so how do yo regulate that?

    • i will post a whole 45 minute free video presentation on developing inner the game the right way. IN terms of being indifferent and showing interest. Its as simple as “i wouldnt mind dating you, but I dont have to.” or ” i want you, but i dont need you. To make sure you get it, just click on the “Follow” link to the bottom of the page.

  13. Ya sure maybe the younger woman may have TONS of friends, and is in more demand. BUT, when it comes down to smarts, and SEX, the older woman KNOWS where it is at. Remember, an older woman is a lot more maturer, and has had TONS of sexual experience, and SHE, has earned that right over the years that she has lived and evolved. And WHICH woman would I rather have SEX with, you say. The OLDER WOMAN, because she KNOWS where it is AT. There is no playing these little games either with older woman. And IF, she has not had SEX for a long time, then SHE, is going to enjoy it MORE, in her elder years. The youngest that I would go for, in an older woman, is a woman in her mid-to late 40’s. Any woman younger then that, is like having sex with your daughter for crying out loud. And I, am in my 50’s, at 56 going on to 57. And you can bet your boots, that an older woman can ENJOY sex, just as much as her younger counter part of a younger woman. CAPICHE!

    • Hey Neil,

      I agree with you that older women are more in touch with their feminine nature and knows how to treat a man. And yes, I’ve noticed that older women are able to get orgasms much easier than younger women. The best are the older women that look absolute amazing still and understanding.

      One of my best relationships was with an more mature women. I was 19 and she was 33 at that time. She was wealthy and spoiled me. The sex was amazing and I still hold her in a very special place in my heart till this day.

      I was just saying that younger women will be more difficult due to their confused minds and amount of offers they get from men both passively and aggressively.

    • Hey Neil,

      I agree with you that older women are more in touch with their feminine nature and knows how to treat a man. And yes, I’ve noticed that older women are able to get orgasms much easier than younger women. The best are the older women that look absolute amazing still and understanding.

      One of my best relationships was with a more mature women. I was 19 and she was 33 at that time. She was wealthy and spoiled me. The sex was amazing and I still hold her in a very special place in my heart till this day.

      I was just saying that younger women will be more difficult due to their confused minds and amount of offers they get from men both passively and aggressively.

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