Confidence ( VS ) Indifference

The truth is this. No man in his right mind can be confident in every interaction. Even the so called ‘naturals’ ONLY GAME WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE THE MOOD AND SETTING IS RIGHT. That’s why many of my natural friends will LOSE ALL THE TIME in random stranger approaching. If you are into approaching random women/girls who are strangers, you will have gotten many rejections (i.e. not leading to sexual relationship).

It’s hard to tell yourself, ” I CAN GET ANY GIRL I WANT”. Because when you inevitably don’t get the girl you wanted, your mind will pick up on the fact that it isn’t true. Hence you become more sensitive and emotional. SO the SOLUTION IS TO NOT STRIVE FOR CONFIDENCE… it is to BE INDIFFERENT. It is the most realistic way of mentally surviving the journey.It also allows you to be more practical and to handle situations better.

To sum things up… Indifference ( in this context) means you do not care whether you get that particular girl. It also means that you are happy with or without her.

14 responses to “Confidence ( VS ) Indifference”

  1. Hey Justin I was wondering… you say that being too confident might make it seem that you been doing pick up a lot and that real game is not the pretty–hand twirling, smooth talking stuff… so then how do you know you when you have a solid number

  2. It is all about what the girl is actually does with you. It is not about putting on a fake persona that hollywood says will be ideal.

    Basically the goal is to get a romantic connection before parting ways and exchanging numbers. It does many great things.

    – It makes them show up to the dates like 80 % more than a regular decent phone number.

    – WHen they show up on the date, sex is a LOT MORE LIKELY TO HAPPEN since she met you under the context of romantic and sexual interest. i would say like 80% higher chance of having sex than the usual date from stranger approach or even social circles.

    I spoke about it here …

  3. Okay I feel you a lot PUA instructors try to make their students adopt really awkward and anti-masculine personalities. On a different subject why is that in social circles, the locking process/harem management so difficult. I feel that the women are less willing to accept that form of relationship… or is it just me. any advice Justin

  4. In simple terms there are two things that have to happen to get a women to accept you with other women.

    1) she has to feel really in love with you
    2) you have to get her to accept it gradually as she is falling inlove with you.

    I will write about social circle girls soon. remind me if you dont see it in 2 weeks

    in the meantime.. i spoke about it here

  5. Justin, how exactly does one build a ROMANTIC CONNECTION in 5-10 minutes with a random stranger off the street?

    This is easier said than done.

  6. you are right it is easier said than done. Also, many people have different styles of personalities. This is where my job comes in. TO help them craft their style around my structure which is the Domino Effect.

    For beginners, it will take longer than 15 minutes.. maybe at 1hr and beyond. This is because it takes time to get it right. WHen I first started, I had to do long instant dates and still work my way up to an undeniable romantic connection. Even up to this day I’d prefer to run a good instant date and enjoy her company and get the hand holding in properly and make out.

    However over time I was able to cut through a lot of the stuff in 5-15 minutes… I would see an ‘opening’ or ‘hole’ and go in hard to speed things up (this takes massive experience); but it is always better to have quality time. Additionally, people may complain about girls not having time, if she becomes more interested, she will hang with you in most cases. Most girls are not THAT busy… meaning they may have to go to the mall buy shirts etc… if they like you enough, they will put it off bit by bit. Right now I am thinking about view point of stopping them on the street which I usually do. However, there are easier ways where the girl will be more likely to have time such as her standing or sitting somewhere.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Good point with the whole natural thing.a lot of PUA gurus seem to think that naturals have it all together and have non off nights lol.

    I still believe that PUA’s on an instructor level like we are,have the edge over so-called naturals.

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