The ‘Justin Wayne’ Podcast: Episode 2- “Truth on Motivation”

One of the most talked about things in the ‘pick-up’ world is the issue of motivation. Many people complain about not sustaining motivation to handle the ups and downs in learning how to stranger approach. This was just an interview Podcast with me talking about what motivates me. Any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below. ALSO, WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?



Younger Women VS Older Women (Which is harder???)

Many people have asked me the difference between getting younger women and older women. Firstly, I would like to define the age ranges…

Younger Women

Older Women

Younger Women further defined…

Younger women are generally considered between the ages of 15 – 30. Obviously, this depends on your country’s age limit for consensual sex. For example, in New York State, the age limit is actually 17 years old. Any younger is against the law. Basically, a younger women is considered young until there a visible signs of aging and is also has the mindset of settling down and getting a family with a partner they love. For argument sakes most women tend to start visibly and mentally aging at 28 on average. Again this is an estimate.

Younger women in their ‘PRIME’:

 Women in their prime usually are in the range of 18 – 24. In a woman’s prime, she is at the perfect physical stage and age potential for any man. It is a known fact of the ages that men inherently want women in their primes. From a biological standpoint this is the age they are most ‘ripe’. Anything younger is still a bit too fresh… anything older is slowly going down hill in that area. Remember, this is in General information. Some women actually look better when they as they age. However, internally their biological clock will be ticking.

Women between ages of 25-30 are in no way considered ‘old’. The main difference is that they begin to have a mindset change towards dating and starting has relationships that are stable. Also, they no longer unlimited options in their social circles since they are no longer in colleges and have to work.

Older Women Defined…

Older Women are generally considered to be of the ages of 30 and beyond. They may begin to visibly age at this time or they may be mentally ready to settle down as their biological clock starts ticking and they make more of a conscious decision to meet men and begin a family or simply settle down with a secure partner.

Let’s examine the mentality of younger women and older women.

Firstly, let’s begin with the mindset of older women..

Some men feel like older women are more difficult to get because older women are smarter and already had fun in their teens and twenties. Before I give my opinion on this, there are a few things to consider:
–       Older women know that they have less time before settling down since their market value lowers as they age.
–       Older women begin to realize that they get far less attention as they use to be.
–       Even if an older women looks like she is in her twenty’s she still is very much aware that she has to get kids soon or else she will risk menopause.
–       Older women tend to be more decisive than a flakey young girl with a bunch of options.
–       Older women are in fact more in touch with their sexuality compared to younger women who do not know what they want in life or in sex. Hense, older women get orgasms easier. Do your research.
–       Older women miss the attention from young men, so they appreciate an effort more than younger women.
–       Older women are less picky
–       Older women have much smaller social circles, and the quality of social circle is not filled with as much ‘options’ as a younger girl’s social circle who is in college and has a bunch of young friends .

Let’s examine the mindset of younger girls who are generally attractive; particularly the ones in their ‘prime’:

–       ONE MAJOR point is that young girls are in huge/closely knit social circles. Firstly, if she is attractive, both girls and guys will want to befriend them.
–       Younger women know that they ‘have time’ and can be as picky as they want to be.
–       They are less in touch with their sexuality.
–       They get bored easier since they have guys always trying to get them in some way or another.
–       They do not know what they want.
–       They have access to any man they want (if they are attractive) from older wealthy men to the coolest young guys available.
–       They are more ‘flakey’. This means that they are less likely to keep to their word when it comes to making plans to meet them again. (Unless you created a Romantic Connection with them before parting ways in the initial interaction)
–       They can know they are greatly desired.
–       They are more ego driven, hence they would lead guys on who they have NO intention of sleeping with just to brag to their other friends.
–       Younger women are more predisposed to them feeling nervous and socially awkward to men that are of a different race, age, culture, or ethnicity than what they are familiar with.


When it comes to stranger approaching, I noticed that most men have an easier time getting older women. Truth is, even though the older women know what you are up to, they do not care. They are more decision oriented. Younger women in their prime are the opposite. Younger girls may appear flirtier, but that is because of them being more in touch with their childhood. However, seeming flirty does not guarantee true romantic interest. The only way to measure that is by actually going all the way with her naked in your bed.

Here is the main reason why younger women in their prime are more difficult to get and keep.

Girls between the ages of 18-24 are mostly in college or they are connected with people from their high school. The power of a young women’s social circle is a HUGE threat to a random stranger who approaches her with romantic intent. Firstly, younger women in their prime have TONS of options within their social circles. Secondly, the value of a man in a woman’s social circle will be much higher than a man who is not apart of her circle of friends. Again, at quick glance, a woman would rather date a guy who is a 7/10 in her social circle than meeting a guy on the street who is a 10/10. This has been proven every single time. I know this from asking tons of women and seeing this first hand. I also did a survey on this a few years ago. This is why once a girl in her prime has circle of decent friends… it is tough to get to her. Especially the prettier she is, the more people want her around. Even girls who come from other countries or states will quickly get into a decent social circle sine they are attractive and in their prime. (Assuming that they came here to live).

Older Women’s social circles are much different than a younger woman’s circle of friends. Firstly, most of the friends of a older woman will be older and already settled down. Also, the social circles are much smaller as they age. Think about it. Where as in a young girls social circle, everyone is constantly dating each other and all of them are also in their prime.

This is why some people say that local girls seem more difficult to get than tourists. Well based on the things I said above, of course they will be. When I say ‘get’ the women, I mean from meet-to-sex. I do NOT mean getting phone numbers or drunken bar sex. One thing to note, I would rather bang a hot tourist than a mediocre local.

About foreign young women in their prime… Here is the truth, if a foreign woman comes to LIVE in your country, she will quickly get a social circle and become just as difficult to get as a local girl will. Why? Because she is hot and has a circle of friends already with whom she can meet more friends and also potential boyfriends.

Let’s not forgot how influential younger woman are from their friends. I know girls who have dated guys just because their friends recommended. Friends NEVER recommend dating strangers.

This is the reason why the BEST LOOKING PICK-UP ARTISTS tend to have great trouble getting sexual relationships with young girls in their prime. They mostly get their women in very late 20’s and early 30’s. I took notes. It is especially difficult when they already have a social circle with their dream boyfriend. Even if you got her number, to actually see her again and have sex with her will be difficult.

Here is an example of a younger girl in her prime…

A Justin Wayne X-Girlfriend

Her Closely-knit 'Social Circle'

She is actually an old girlfriend of mine that I picked up in the Park of Union Square in 2009. It was a tough pick-up from meet-to-sex seeing that she was so busy with her life. She was 18 that time, very distracted, and was in a relationship with the frat guy in her college. She was part of her college sorority so she was already having too much things going on. The ONLY way I was able to pick her up, meet her again, make her get rid of her boyfriend that her friends loved, and make her go against her friends terrible opinions about me being a ‘stranger’ was by creating a romantic connection with her that was pretty much unbreakable.

Her 'social circle' boyfriend who I took her from...

This will be broken down in depth in my Lay Report Section; there will be video proof AS USUAL. I will have that story in my new Lay Report Section, which I will do next week. It will break down the past two girls and exactly what I did during the initial interaction since I’ve been getting a lot of request to further explain.

Update: ‘Throw-Back’ Lay Report Vid-HERE

( She’s not that into you? )

I know how frustrating dating can be when girls men give mixed signals. Especially when it does not pan out the way you want it. I noticed this A LOT in social circles.

I’ve had many situations, in my early pre-pick up stages, where I would swear the girl must romantically like me based on the amount of attention she gave me and I was WRONG. In fact, in social circle it’s more difficult to tell how the girl really feels about you since she is more comfortable with you as friends. Even in stranger approaching, when I tried the first generation pickup, it was really hard to know where I stood with the girl. Even when they met me on DATES after I went DIRECT and told them I liked them; they still ended up just wanting to “take things slow” or “let’s be friends first”. There was no clear metric for me to be able to determine how romantically into me they were.

The truth is, a girls attraction for you in the early stages will be subconscious (aka hind-brain attraction) many of the times. That explains the mixed signals they give us. The problem with subconscious attraction  is that they don’t know that they are attracted to you. Subconscious attraction (hind-brain) is VOLATILE. That’s why stranger approach is very difficult because even when you do create attraction, it will fade away very quickly unless you generated a ‘romantic connection’ with her before parting ways.

 If the girl is in your social circle then you have a major advantage since you can see her easily over-and-over again and simply wait for easy openings to game her gradually until she feels drawn to you. In stranger approaching, you will have to convert her attraction from subconscious to conscious attraction ( aka Fore-brain ). This means that she is aware that she truly wants you romantically. This is what the romantic connection is all about. If she knows she likes you, she will ACT like she likes you: Hense she will…

-return your calls,

-think about you a lot more

-Make it easy for you to seduce her

– etc etc etc.

So eventually, what I am essentially doing with my game is first UNDERSTANDing how to generate SUBCONSCIOUS ATTRACTION ( VERY IMPORTANT)  and then I make it into CONSCIOUS ATTRACTION. In a stranger approach this is what should be done before parting ways, since hind brain attraction alone is not enough for her to see you again to even give you a chance ti meet her again. With out being able to get it to her forebrain, you will forever play the pure brutal ‘numbers game’.

Here is my boy Swoozie ranting about how women are… He is not into game or anything. This is just him explaining how girls never know what they want. (His view is through a ‘social circle’ lens)

Confidence ( VS ) Indifference

The truth is this. No man in his right mind can be confident in every interaction. Even the so called ‘naturals’ ONLY GAME WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE THE MOOD AND SETTING IS RIGHT. That’s why many of my natural friends will LOSE ALL THE TIME in random stranger approaching. If you are into approaching random women/girls who are strangers, you will have gotten many rejections (i.e. not leading to sexual relationship).

It’s hard to tell yourself, ” I CAN GET ANY GIRL I WANT”. Because when you inevitably don’t get the girl you wanted, your mind will pick up on the fact that it isn’t true. Hence you become more sensitive and emotional. SO the SOLUTION IS TO NOT STRIVE FOR CONFIDENCE… it is to BE INDIFFERENT. It is the most realistic way of mentally surviving the journey.It also allows you to be more practical and to handle situations better.

To sum things up… Indifference ( in this context) means you do not care whether you get that particular girl. It also means that you are happy with or without her.