Myth Busters: ( Approaching Women in the Day gives you automatic Attraction??)

I would like to first start by reminding you readers that the whole field of stranger approaching is still still in it’s infancy. What does this mean? This means on a scientific level where things are broken down from approaching a stranger to having a sexual relationship with them.

In regards to day time stranger approaching, I remember hearing many guru’s repeat the notion that approaching a girl directly will give you inherent attraction since not much people approach girls randomly in day time scenarios.

Again, this is not to lash out on any of these guru’s because I too am constantly refining my theories in the dating field as time progresses and as I learn and teach more. This is simply a theory that needs to be debunked for these reasons…

– It is sometimes good to think in reverse… If a woman that you were not attracted to approached you in the day time, will she become alot more attractive for you to want to be her boyfriend? ANSWER= NO

-Girls DO get approached from normal people in many different ways. Especially through situational openers. Some guys in the Seduction Community seemed to believe that they were the only people who try to pick up girls in day time environments. This is rubbish.  Normal people use situational openers to attempt to start conversations with attractive girls ALL THE TIME. eg “do you know how long this bus ride will be, it feels like its been forever…” This has been the common sense way to start conversations for decades.

– If approaching girls in the daytime really helped people, there would have been MUCH more success with day game by many of day game practitioners.

– I live in New York and have been picking up women for YEARS. It took me a long time to get consistent results (meaning meet to sex) with the Higher Caliber and the Higher Quality women. If it was true that by me approaching alone gave me automatic attraction, then it would not have take me so long to finally get the results I wanted.

– I have been coaching in New York City for just over 2 years and have had MANY clients. I met other day gamers out in the popular day game areas such as Central Park, Union Sq, Soho, Columbus circle and more. ALL will confirm the level of difficulty getting girls home with you doing day game “approaching”

-It does not matter if you went direct or indirect, it does not mean you have generated attraction in the girl. All it means is that you can have a quick conversation with them and then try and game them.

– As a matter of fact, many girls are not always receptive in New York due to many street salesmen and promoters and homeless people that “bother” them while walking.

The only good thing about approaching is to get the opportunity to run your game on her and see where it goes, it DOES NOT generate any significant form of attraction.

Hope this helps.