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The “Maybe” Girls? * Worth Pursuing? *

Hey Guys,

I recently got this question.

“Justin, what do you do about disrespectful behavior? Such as girls not texting in a normal time frame or making excuses when it comes to meeting up. Not be confused with girls who have no intentions of meeting up, but girls who do want to meet but is putting you as option B rather than A.You never discuss this any of your material but we all know it occurs way too often. Being a guy who is great seducer and is fun to be around is great but I feel the guy the girls respect is more important. Please give us some insight on how you react when a girl does this to you.”

Good question. Whether you are a womanizer or a respectable guy it all boils down to the same thing.

In terms of the girl always seeming too busy but still talking to you…Those are called the ‘maybe’ girls.

This is the problem with ‘maybe’ girls. They are time wasters. It has nothing to do with them respecting you. It has to do with them not having a ‘romantic connection’ with you before exchanging numbers. Assuming that she is not in your social circle, the likelihood of a ‘maybe’ girl deciding to move forward with you after exchanging numbers is extremely low. That’s why people who play the numbers game have low percentages of success while doing stranger approaching. They collect many phone numbers from the ‘maybe’ girls. Naturally she is never too sure about whether she wants to meet a stranger or guy she doesn’t really know and it rarely leads to anything romanic.

What I teach in The Domino Effect is about converting the ‘maybe’ girls to ‘yes’ girls in the initial interaction BEFORE parting ways and exchanging numbers.This can work on SOME ‘no’ girls as well if you are advanced in successful stranger approaching. That’s the only way to handle phone problems with girls. Phone Tactics generally do not work on ‘maybe’ girls as you have experienced. *In some cases where you felt it may of work, it is very possible that there was a romantic connection before even getting on the phone and she was probably already a ‘yes’ girl.

In stranger approaching, or even mild social circles, ‘maybe’ girls will mostly choose ‘NO’. Why? Well, if she does not really know you that well the odds are against you. She will choose no in the end.


That’s the beautiful thing about The Domino Effect. It’s about creating a ‘romantic connection’ before parting ways. Therefore, the ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ girls then become ‘yes’ girls. Once you have that romantic connection with her, she will definitely see you again and return your call just like every other woman that is romantically interested in a guy.

This is why you should never aim for her phone number. It is much easier to get a ‘maybe’ girl to be a ‘yes’ girl in a face-to-face interaction than trying to do so on phone. You should always aim for the romantic connection. I do not recommend collecting phone numbers of ‘maybe’ girls. It can get depressing since majority of them will end up wasting your time on the phone.

In my opinion, it is not healthy psychologically for you to keep a ‘maybe’ girl in your mind since you will have to call her and plan on what to text at what time etc. It is actually a low valued thing to do. People who respect them selves will NEVER keep chasing on the phone. It’s not worth it if the return on investment is very low with ‘maybe’ girls on the phone. I do not mind temporarily persuading a woman face-to-face and dealing with the rejection on the spot. If you think about it, it is not that much of an investment to merely talk to a woman for 5-10 minutes while having fun. At least I will know where I stand with her. I would not have to go home and think about her as if she is an important facet in my life when I do not even know her.

*Obviously there are exceptions when a guy gets lucky with a ‘maybe’ girl on the phone, however, this is not a consistent theme in his life or it would never be considered ‘lucky’. In order to get ‘lucky’, you will have to go through the pile of frustrations while learning nothing to improve your odds. I find that to consistently get women of decent quality and beyond, you need a consistent system- especially for stranger approaching*

I would go as far to say that if you get 10 numbers after creating a romantic connection aka “converted ‘YES’ girls”, you should be able to sleep with at least 6/10 women. I am being modest here. However, if you get 10 numbers from ‘maybe’ girls you will bed probably NONE. Maybe 1/10 once in a blue moon with a lower quality woman or just pure luck. But to get lucky you have to play incredible odds and most people just do not get that lucky so it is not worth pursuing in that way.

This also explains why I have had success with higher quality woman AFTER learning The Domino Effect. A high quality girl will have many options in her social life with a bunch of orbiters and will never say yes if it’s a ‘maybe’. However, when I get a romantic connection with a higher quality woman, she will readily say ‘YES’ since she is now romantically into me and wants it just as much as me. There’s no way around getting a romantic connection before hand in stranger approaching. Without it, you will play an unfair numbers game.

Establishing the ‘romantic connection’ in the first interaction is the cure to all evils.

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15 responses to “The “Maybe” Girls? * Worth Pursuing? *

  1. you bitin my style dog, takin my theme 😀

  2. Great! thanks for the share!

  3. KanyeShrug ⋅

    From a guy who has a ton of experience with women. Do you think there’s attractive girls out there who are faithful? Please be honest.

  4. Lesa

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this irfnomation.

  5. Great point about the ‘maybe’ girls.Guys get it twisted and rush for # closes before making any sort of connection lol!The chic will flake you to death since she doesn’t see a reason to meet up.

  6. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I find It really helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer something back and help others such as you aided me.

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