Is Game purely a Numbers Game? ( She Either likes you or she doesn’t?)

Hey Guys,

Many people seem to believe that “GAME” does not exist and it is simply a numbers game and nothing more.

I see it differently. If it was only a numbers game, then it would make no sense to learn anything. The better your game skill-set, lifestyle, and mentality (and much more) then the higher your percentages. For instance, the prettier the girl, the more attention she gets. Same way with self improvement. You become more attractive by enhancing the different aspects of your life such as, fashion, style, lifestyle, inner phycology, looks, fitness etc. Think about it…Can’t every single point mentioned help you become a happier and more attractive person to be around?

This is a question and answer e-mail that i recently had about this issue.

“Hey justin thanks for the video and ive improved and gotten laid twice. however, From my experience and time in the game; Ive learned that women either like you or they dont. I mean, i dont understand how you make women like you. I mean so many women walked away from me when i was talking to them and then some just were not interested and then i had the few that were. Some times all i did was look at them up and down then they would give me eye contact and i would open. They wouldn’t hold my hand back. I would then lean in and ask what perfume their wearing. If she made a awkward gaze i knew she was not interested. My only conclusion is no matter how bold you are or how skilled and flirty you get with women if she does not like you, she just doesnt like you. I feel like the community has told men lies that you can get any woman to like you or that once you learn a method you can get any girl. what is your take Justin? “

Hey John,

Good Analysis. I am a dating coach, I do not endorse all of the original PUA teachings. Some make sense, some are just a fad.

Game DOES help you score with a higher percentage of women if done right. However, There is still a huge element outside of your control. The most you can do is improve yourself and your game (skill set and approach selection). Remember… game is a NUMBERS GAME (things out of your control) vs YOUR GAME ( things in your control). Thus, focus on the things in your control to maximize odds in stranger approaching.

Don’t forget the article i wrote about what “good” game is. I know how it feels like its just a numbers game, thats because you havent been gaming for long. As your game improves over time so will your percentages. Everyones maximum potential may differ depending on different elements such as their General Intelligence, Social Intelligence,  Emotional intelligence, mindset, performance ability, personality stereotypes, vibes, style etc.

I would say give it a year or two to truly know your potential.

One thing to note,

I read you talking about many “awkward” interactions you faced. I agree, many of girls will not be comfortable etc. There is a principle behind this…

Many guys view this as “the particular girl is not attracted to me and never will be”. The corrected term is that the girl is not RECEPTIVE at this instance. Receptiveness basically is the reaction a girl gives you on that particular second of that day. It can be for a VARIETY of reasons such as

– she is in a bad mood

– she is totally not in a social mood and it is just to much

– she just came of the phone with her boyfriend,father, friend issue.

– She has to go to the bathroom

– She recently got approached by a creeper.

– She has a 10 page paper to go home and write.

– may not be into you or your stereotype

– may be going through a hard time at work

It goes on and on. This is apart of the “numbers game” (things out of your control). The funny thing is that maybe if you approached her and hr later instead when her mind was clear, she would of been more receptive and thus allow more time for her to become attracted to you and interested in what you have to offer. Same girl, different time.

 I remember when there was a hot girl a long time ago walking down the street near my friends store. I tried to stop her and she said “im not interested” and she walked away.I remember 3 weeks later, I saw her walking again in the same area, I stopped her and she was more receptive ( she didn’t even remember that I was the same guy she rejected). We spoke and exchanged numbers and I ended up closing the deal eventually. If I believed I simply “wasn’t her type” then I would of never approached her again.

I understand that THE WAY women meet men really alters the views and attraction for that man. I’ve seen it time and time again. Thats why it’s much easier to get girls through social circle, because you are not coming in at lower value on the street.

That being said, for me, game is not only a numbers game because my percentages are DRAMATICALLY higher than they used to be when I wasn’t getting much lays with hotter girls. And beyond what I’m saying to these girls, my vibe is ever present and girls can feel it, this is what really helps to suck them in. Vibe is a very deep concept, but we all feel it and can sense if from others. The vibe is one thing I know can grow over time like fine wine, when a man slowly grows more confident and comfortable within himself as a sexual being. This can not be done by a mere conscious decision, but it will happen slowly over time as long as you continue talking to women and get more experiences. That’s the difference between a guy who gets a lot of results saying and doing the same thing as they guy who is still struggling. (everything else equal)

Hope this helps.

7 responses to “Is Game purely a Numbers Game? ( She Either likes you or she doesn’t?)”

  1. This was exactly what i was looking for. Its so easy to beleive its all a numbers game but if it was, you coulld literally go up to 100 girls without saying anything but “give me your number” and it may work 3 times.

    • Yup. Anything can be viewed as a “numbers” game to some extent. Life is a numbers game. But some things in life have a higher probability than others. That is how us humans analyse things.. Its not about what will always work, but what will work the most out of the other options.

  2. I lie the advice you gave John which was to keep at it.

    A lot of dudes get into the community withthe idea of quick fix.They take a bootcamp or read e-books and online PUA articles from the gurus(like I did),then hey expect to be banging HB10’s the next month!

    This is a lifestyle change not quick fix.

  3. […] NYC PUA Justin Wayne also converges with Machiavelli, as we can apply it to pick up, asserting that pick up is not merely a numbers game.  That “… game is a NUMBERS GAME (things out of your control) vs YOUR GAME ( things in your control).” In other words, it’s virtue vs. Fortune.… […]

  4. Hey Justin, just “discovered” you through your vids on youtube and I think this article offers alot of insight into why day game doesn’t work as well for some people. I myself have been doing day game for 2 years now with minimal results by following the other day game models out there.

    I find it especially interesting that you’ve mentioned that you come in at a much lower social value through day game than through a social circle. I’ve found that night game (the way I’ve approached it anyway) provides a far higher ROI than daygame.

    I live in the UK (Scotland) where there are very few foreign girls (which I find are much easier in daygame than native girls) and from an ROI perspective, daygame is just not economical through the way I’ve been approaching this anyway.

    That being said, your videos of you kiss closing hot girls through day game has certainly renewed my faith in daygame! I’ll continue reading your site and hopefully I’ll be able to analyse where I’ve perhaps being going wrong in daygame.


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