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The Truth about Stranger Approaching

The Basic Explanation

Stranger Approaching is something that no man should ever rely on. Even with the best ‘Pick Up SKills’, it can still lead to depression if not done right.

Despite my success, I’ve experienced depression while I was getting a lot of girls  a few years ago. The main reason is this. No matter how good you are, you will always be ‘treated’ as a stranger, which is not healthy feedback for your mind. You will always fail more than you succeed in stranger approach. This is for reasons sometimes beyond our control.

Therefore, you will never truly feel like a winner if you had to climb mountains to get a girl. Why? because you will always be coming from a place of scarcity if you use the hardest approach to meet women.

The funny thing is, if naturals mostly meet girls in their social circle, then why would people who are not natural try to do stranger approach which is 10 times harder???

Thats why most people never really get good at it. Its not meant for you to get laid every day. It’s merely used to help you become a man of social value to people and actually develop cool social circles.

It came to a point where I would have friends who met women through social circles and they would feel much more confident than me even though i’ve had far more success with women than them!

Why would someone feel more confident than me if I get more girls than them?

Well, thats because in his world, he met girls the safe way. He didn’t go in the streets and failed many times. He didn’t have to hyper-analyse himself to make the ‘perfect’ approach work for the ‘perfect stranger’. All he did was live his life, and met women occasionally through friends and warmer approaches.

Me, on the other had, went out and developed over the top pick-up and seduction skills just to get girls in the  most difficult situations like the street. Yes, I was far better with women than him in quality and quantity. However, to get to that stage I endured many mental sufferings.

I am not trying to bash the idea of stranger approaching because it has value when your success rate increases. However, it should be viewed as a ‘niche’ and understood that it is not designed for a man to have true social fulfillment.

So what is there to learn from all of this?

The key is to have a healthy balance between SOCIAL CIRCLE and STRANGER APPROACHING.

Here’s a perfect song for this. Even the LEGEND Jim Morrison from THE DOORS sang about how much it sucks being a stranger when trying to meet people.

Yours Truly,

Justin Wayne.

P.S. My mission is NOT to be RIGHT, it is to find the TRUTH.

One who seeks the truth will always leave his theory opened for revision…

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3 responses to “The Truth about Stranger Approaching

  1. BruceWayne ⋅

    Just a weird thought came to my mind… The fact that guys whack to hot girls over the computer – its engrained even proved to some extent that guys value females for their sexuality even more so than they would think… how crazy? Ultimately subconsciously putting hot females on pedestals.

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